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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1134 CREP0003: Description and Configuration of Harvesters new CREP major ckan-backlog
#1152 True support for generic CSW servers new amercader enhancement major ckan-backlog
#1352 Use logic functions instead of as_dict when indexing entities new enhancement major ckan-backlog
#1818 Spatial metadata editor new amercader enhancement major ckan-future
#2268 UKLP Use same schema as form for harvested records new thejimmyg enhancement major ckan-backlog
#2641 Adapt spatial widgets to new theme assigned johnmartin enhancement major demo phase 5
#2745 Password reset returns an exception if the key parameter is missing new defect major ckan-v1.9
#2949 Reenable Data API button on the new theme new amercader defect major
#2963 Timeout on tag pages with lots of datasets new defect major ckan-v1.8
#3002 API v1/2 'legacy' search parameters must be escaped before they are put into a Solr query string new defect minor ckan-v1.8
#3026 Support icons on nav_named_link new amercader enhancement minor
#1273 Create docs for API v3 new requirement awaiting triage ckan-backlog
#1278 Refactor authorized_query calls new enhancement awaiting triage ckan-backlog
#1355 Package extras property does not include the newly created ones new defect awaiting triage ckan-backlog
#1815 Reenable Sparql endpoint on new amercader task awaiting triage ckan-future
#2324 Link API docs to relevant version not just latest new enhancement awaiting triage ckan-v1.9
#2382 Investigate options for basic geocoding new amercader task awaiting triage ckan-future
#2788 Speed improvements on creating/updating and indexing new amercader enhancement awaiting triage ckan-v1.9
#2965 Stats extension broken on 1.8 new defect awaiting triage ckan-v1.8
#3003 New pg databases should be created with UTF8 encoding rather than system default new enhancement awaiting triage ckan-v1.8
#3023 New methods on IPackageController to provide access to the data_dict new amercader enhancement awaiting triage
#3025 Add requests to core requirements new amercader enhancement awaiting triage
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