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#834 worksforme Searching in CKAN Alexander

Reported by Alexander, 3 years ago.



I've installed stable CKAN v1.1 from PyPI.

I can't find any docs about using CKAN API in order to query packages.

Query ./api/search/package?q=str works fine, but with extra parameters, such as limit, offset, fullinfo, order_by, search_notes, don't. Should I use new version for this? How can I perform this query via Ckanclient? Is it possible?

Also I'm interested how to find open-licensed files? I tied URL ./api/search/package?q=str&open_only=1&downloadable_only=1 and Ckanclient:

result = ckan.package_search('str', {'open_only': 1, 'downloadable_only': 1})

As result nothing found.


#668 invalid Caching issues on API v1 thejimmyg Colin Calnan

Reported by Colin Calnan, 4 years ago.


It seems like the API v1 on CKAN metastable (cset:ec21f8e1c87e) has some caching issues.

Steps to test:

  1. Modify a dataset on, redirects to CKAN
  1. On save, redirects to which in turn redirects to
  1. You can see that the Dataset has not updated correctly. Run a check on the API v1 - the updates are not present
  1. Check the v2 of the API -, the updates are present.
  1. Setting the headers to 'Cache-control: no-cache' or 'Pragma: no-cache' does not work either.
#822 fixed Docs: Configuration as site-available instead of site-enabled for apache Javier de la Cueva <[email protected]…>

Reported by Javier de la Cueva <[email protected]…>, 3 years ago.


The documentation for setting up Apache uses sites-enabled instead of sites-available and a2ensite

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