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#2872 fixed Non-open licenses are marked as open seanh

Reported by seanh, 21 months ago.


Set a dataset's license to 'Other (Not Open)', the dataset will have an Open Data icon next to it

#2871 fixed user profile about text does not show up shevski

Reported by shevski, 21 months ago.


tested with my and daniel's account. I have added about text and yet see ' Irina Bolychevsky

You have not provided a biography.'

The about text is saved (and viewable on the edit form itself) but does not show on profile

#2868 fixed 1.8 SOLR error ross ross

Reported by ross, 21 months ago.


From: <[email protected]…> Date: Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 8:34 AM Subject: WebApp? Error: <class ''>: SOLR returned an error running query: {'sort': 'metadata_modified desc', 'fq': u'groups:"welcome" capacity:"public" +site_id:"" +state:active', 'facet.mincount': 1, 'rows': 21, 'facet.limit': '50', 'facet': 'true', 'q': '*:*', 'start': -20, 'wt': 'json', 'fl': 'id data_dict'} Error: "'start' parameter cannot be negative" To: [email protected]…, [email protected]

URL: Module weberror.errormiddleware:162 in call << traceback_supplement = Supplement, self, environ

sr_checker = ResponseStartChecker?(start_response) app_iter = self.application(environ, sr_checker) return self.make_catching_iter(app_iter, environ, sr_checker)


app_iter = self.application(environ, sr_checker)

Module beaker.middleware:73 in call << self.cache_manager)

environ[self.environ_key] = self.cache_manager return, start_response)

return, start_response)

Module beaker.middleware:155 in call << headers.append(('Set-cookie', cookie))

return start_response(status, headers, exc_info)

return self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response)

def _get_session(self):

return self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response)

Module routes.middleware:131 in call << r'\1', oldpath)

response =, start_response)

# Wrapped in try as in rare cases the attribute will be gone already

response =, start_response)

Module pylons.wsgiapp:125 in call <<

controller = self.resolve(environ, start_response) response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response)

if 'paste.testing_variables' in environ and hasattr(response,

response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response)

Module pylons.wsgiapp:324 in dispatch << if log_debug:

log.debug("Calling controller class with WSGI interface")

return controller(environ, start_response)

def load_test_env(self, environ):

return controller(environ, start_response)

Module ckan.lib.base:239 in call << try:

res =, environ, start_response)



res =, environ, start_response)

Module pylons.controllers.core:221 in call << return response(environ, self.start_response)

response = self._dispatch_call() if not start_response_called:

self.start_response = start_response

response = self._dispatch_call()

Module pylons.controllers.core:172 in _dispatch_call << req.environpylons.action_method? = func

response = self._inspect_call(func)


if log_debug:

response = self._inspect_call(func)

Module pylons.controllers.core:107 in _inspect_call <<, args)


result = self._perform_call(func, args)

except HTTPException, httpe:

if log_debug:

result = self._perform_call(func, args)

Module pylons.controllers.core:60 in _perform_call << """Hide the traceback for everything above this method"""

traceback_hide = 'before_and_this' return func(args)

def _inspect_call(self, func):

return func(args)

Module ckan.controllers.feed:180 in group << data_dictfq? = 'groups:"%s"' % id

item_count, results = _package_search(data_dict)

navigation_urls = self._navigation_urls(params,

item_count, results = _package_search(data_dict)

Module ckan.controllers.feed:57 in _package_search << # package_search action modifies the data_dict, so keep our copy intact.

query = get_action('package_search')(context, data_dict.copy())

return querycount?, queryresults?

query = get_action('package_search')(context, data_dict.copy())

Module ckan.logic.action.get:1130 in package_search << query = search.query_for(model.Package)

for package in query.results:

Module in run << except SolrException?, e:

raise SearchError?('SOLR returned an error running query: %r Error: %r' %

(query, e.reason))


data = json.loads(solr_response)

(query, e.reason))

SearchError?: SOLR returned an error running query: {'sort': 'metadata_modified desc', 'fq': u'groups:"welcome" capacity:"public" +site_id:"" +state:active', 'facet.mincount': 1, 'rows': 21, 'facet.limit': '50', 'facet': 'true', 'q': '*:*', 'start': -20, 'wt': 'json', 'fl': 'id data_dict'} Error: "'start' parameter cannot be negative" CGI Variables CKAN_CURRENT_URL '/feeds/group/welcome.atom?page%3D0' CKAN_LANG 'ja' CONTENT_TYPE '; charset=utf-8' DOCUMENT_ROOT '/etc/apache2/htdocs' GATEWAY_INTERFACE 'CGI/1.1' HTTP_ACCEPT '*/*' HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING 'gzip,deflate' HTTP_CONNECTION 'close' HTTP_FROM 'googlebot(at)' HTTP_HOST '' HTTP_USER_AGENT 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +' PATH_INFO '/feeds/group/welcome.atom' PATH_TRANSLATED '/etc/ckan/datahub/apache.wsgi/ja/feeds/group/welcome.atom' QUERY_STRING 'page=0' REMOTE_ADDR '' REMOTE_PORT '33139' REQUEST_METHOD 'GET' REQUEST_URI '/ja/feeds/group/welcome.atom?page=0' SCRIPT_FILENAME '/etc/ckan/datahub/apache.wsgi' SERVER_ADDR '' SERVER_ADMIN '[no address given]' SERVER_NAME '' SERVER_PORT '80' SERVER_PROTOCOL 'HTTP/1.0' SERVER_SIGNATURE '<address>Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80</address>\n' SERVER_SOFTWARE 'Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)' WSGI Variables application <beaker.middleware.CacheMiddleware? object at 0x7f5312a51650> beaker.cache <beaker.cache.CacheManager? object at 0x7f5312a51790> beaker.get_session <bound method SessionMiddleware?._get_session of <beaker.middleware.SessionMiddleware? object at 0x7f5312a516d0>> beaker.session {'_accessed_time': 1345016040.884951, '_creation_time': 1345016040.884951} mod_wsgi.application_group '|' mod_wsgi.callable_object 'application' mod_wsgi.handler_script mod_wsgi.input_chunked '0' mod_wsgi.listener_host mod_wsgi.listener_port '8080' mod_wsgi.process_group 'datahub' mod_wsgi.request_handler 'wsgi-script' mod_wsgi.script_reloading '1' mod_wsgi.version (3, 3) paste.cookies (<SimpleCookie: >, ) paste.parsed_dict_querystring (MultiDict?([('page', '0')]), 'page=0') paste.parsed_querystring ([('page', '0')], 'page=0') paste.registry <paste.registry.Registry object at 0x7f5302eef7d0> paste.throw_errors True pylons.action_method <bound method FeedController?.group of <ckan.controllers.feed.FeedController? object at 0x7f52f0341750>> pylons.controller <ckan.controllers.feed.FeedController? object at 0x7f52f0341750> pylons.environ_config {'session': 'beaker.session', 'cache': 'beaker.cache'} pylons.pylons <pylons.util.PylonsContext? object at 0x7f52f0341450> pylons.routes_dict {'action': u'group', 'controller': u'feed', 'id': u'welcome'} repoze.who.logger <logging.Logger object at 0x7f53127b2b50> repoze.who.plugins {'openid': <OpenIdIdentificationPlugin? 139994769488336>, 'friendlyform': <FriendlyFormPlugin? 139994769488528>, 'ckan.lib.authenticator:UsernamePasswordAuthenticator': <ckan.lib.authenticator.UsernamePasswordAuthenticator? object at 0x7f5312d893d0>, 'auth_tkt': <AuthTktCookiePlugin? 139994771858704>, 'ckan.lib.authenticator:OpenIDAuthenticator': <ckan.lib.authenticator.OpenIDAuthenticator object at 0x7f5312d89350>} routes.route <routes.route.Route object at 0x7f5312961e90> routes.url <routes.util.URLGenerator object at 0x7f52f0341210> webob._parsed_query_vars (GET([('page', '0')]), 'page=0') webob.adhoc_attrs {'language': 'en-us'} wsgi process 'Multi process AND threads (?)' wsgi.file_wrapper <built-in method file_wrapper of mod_wsgi.Adapter object at 0x7f52ed4873f0> wsgi.version (1, 1) wsgiorg.routing_args (<routes.util.URLGenerator object at 0x7f52f0341210>, {'action': u'group', 'controller': u'feed', 'id': u'welcome'})

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