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#923 worksforme Search box doesn't work in leaderboard page rgrp dread

Reported by dread, 3 years ago.

  1. Go to:
  2. In the far top-right of the browser, select the search box in 'water'.
  3. Press enter to search. Nothing happens.

Tried in: chrome, firefox

#1133 worksforme command line rights manipulation doesn't work johnlawrenceaspden

Reported by johnlawrenceaspden, 3 years ago.


It appears that the command

$ paster rights add russianfan admin warandpeace

has no effect, even though

$ paster rights remove russianfan admin warandpeace

works fine. This may be specific to something I've done, could someone confirm?

If it's the case more generally, then I'm assuming this behaviour is untested? Tests should probably be added.

#1214 worksforme API improvements (following javascript use) dread dread

Reported by dread, 3 years ago.


Notes on the CKAN API from Aron:

  • Server returns text/html for errors even when "Accept: application/json" header is set.
  • DELETE package request requires a Content-Length? Should be 405 Method Not Allowed?
  • Tag returned as a JSON object when updating but as a string when requesting. Same with "extras" content.
  • How to remove key from "extras" object? Passing None as described in the docs is invalid JSON and using null doesn't work.
  • Tags return package names rather than ids when querying GET /tag/{id}
  • Doesn't return rendered_text property on package update.
  • Relationships use "object" key rather than id or package_id.
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