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#1209 fixed sort out rendering of formalchemy package preview kindly

Reported by kindly, 3 years ago.


Got broken due to the moderated edits changes #1141.

Need to make sure preview works.

#320 fixed site_title configuration variable which is used in template dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 4 years ago.


As a sysadmin I want to configure basic site title information for use in the site templates.


  • ckan.site_title config variable
  • set this on g in e.g.
    • from pylons import config; g.site_title = config.get('ckan.site_title, 'CKAN - Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network')
  • use in head title and in main site title/logo section (use it as alt on logo image)
  • Also all other pages (e.g. index, about) which talk about CKAN
    • Is this needed? Would it not be better for people who want to customize the site to simply overwrite those templates?


  • Do we want a site_logo variable whic his use for site title/logo section instead of site_title if site_logo defined?
  • Probably yes, but not part of this ticket.
#203 fixed show package counts for groups in WUI dread dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.


In two places in the WUI

  • list of groups
  • group page in title e.g. ukgov (5)

Cost: 1h

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