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#1727 fixed Add "current" property to harvest objects amercader amercader

Reported by amercader, 2 years ago.


Right now is quite difficult to get the most current version of a package via the harvest objects, and the queries involved are prone to errors. A new "current" field will be added which will identify unequivocally the most recent harvested object. Unfortunately this will involve some major changes:

  • Model update (See #1726)
  • Update queries for getting harvest sources' datasets
  • Update ckanext-csw queries for getting the objects
  • Update inspire and ckan harvesters
  • Document new field
#1728 fixed Update UKLP harvesters amercader amercader

Reported by amercader, 2 years ago.


Three small changes:

  • Set Resource type to None instead of 'Undefined'
  • Set extra 'UKLP' = True instead of 'INSPIRE' = True

These two changes will require manual update of the database.

  • Allow datasets to be updated if the old source is inactive, even if the metadata date hasn't changed:
    if last_harvested_object.metadata_modified_date is None \
       or last_harvested_object.metadata_modified_date < self.obj.metadata_modified_date \
       or self.force_import \
       or last_harvested_object.metadata_modified_date == self.obj.metadata_modified_date and is False:

#1731 fixed Publisher support for harvesting amercader amercader

Reported by amercader, 2 years ago.


Estimate: 4-5d

Only sysadmins can manage harvest sources right now, we need to allow publishers to handle their own sources.

We need to decide if there will be two different profiles on ckanext-harvest, the current one with only sysadmins allowed to manage the harvesting and a new one supporting publishers (ckan core can be configured to not use the publisher model)

Tasks include:

  • Auth checks on the different controller actions (and the command line interface?)
  • Modify the index page to just show sources the logged user has permissions on.

(Talk with Ross about the specific functions to use)

  • Create/edit form to show a dropdown with the user available publishers.
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