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#1174 wontfix API Representation Registry pudo pudo

Reported by pudo, 3 years ago.


As CKAN grows, more and more optional representations of packages will become used. Besides RDF (which is the motivation for this ticket), support for DSPL, home-grown XML, or CSV listings is imaginable.

To properly support this CKAN should have an extensible representation registry that can be extended when new output types become available (and without changing the API in the process). This needs to integrate in two places:

  • We need to add support for file format extensions to the package handler and REST API.
  • We need to add HTTP content type negotiation (Accept headers).

To support this we should have a registry with two registers:

  • to map format extensions to mime types (e.g. "json" -> "application/json")
  • to map mime types and entity types to converter functions (e.g. 8"application/json", ckan.model.Package) -> func(obj, mime_type) )

This should be set up on load_environment so that IConfigurer plugins can feed into it.

The registry should then first be added to _finish in the REST API (which needs to be refactored to be passed the {format} part of the URL if one is given. Based on the format part and HTTP headers, an appropriate representation can be generated by the registry and then be returned to the user.

Forwarding of requests to the regular WUI controllers with Accept headers set or a format specified can be implemented in a separate effort.

#377 wontfix API Should return JSON in all cases [email protected]

Reported by [email protected], 4 years ago.


When the API returns any response it should always retunr JSON. For example a 404 response should return something like

{'status': 404, 'message': 'package somename not found'}

When errors are encountered when creating a package:

{'status': nnn, 'message': 'Validation Errors', 'errors':['description':'name cannot be
blank', 'description':'license code must be an integer']}

Not authorised:

{'status': 503, 'message': 'You are not authorised to create this package.'}

The reason being that screeds of html coming back in the response just makes it harder to debug and understand. Having the proper error codes/messages means that you can see why your package was not created.

#1663 fixed API call for creating an activity streams event seanh seanh

Reported by seanh, 2 years ago.


The create_activity() logic function already exists, but validation and authorization need to be added before it's hooked up to an API call.

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