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#2198 fixed API documentation is missing Storage Metadata API info zydio

Reported by zydio, 2 years ago.


Now that ckanext-storage is back into the core (v1.6), CKAN documentation should probably contain info on Storate Metadata API.

#1688 fixed API for changing the permissions on an object dread dread

Reported by dread, 2 years ago.


We need an API for changing the authorization (permissions) on a model object.

This was neglected in #1253 because of various changes to authz were looming. But six months later it still hasn't been done.

Suggest this is just moving _add_user_object_role from ckan/lib/ to the logic layer, but no doubt it will be more complicated.

Estimate: 3 days

#1214 worksforme API improvements (following javascript use) dread dread

Reported by dread, 3 years ago.


Notes on the CKAN API from Aron:

  • Server returns text/html for errors even when "Accept: application/json" header is set.
  • DELETE package request requires a Content-Length? Should be 405 Method Not Allowed?
  • Tag returned as a JSON object when updating but as a string when requesting. Same with "extras" content.
  • How to remove key from "extras" object? Passing None as described in the docs is invalid JSON and using null doesn't work.
  • Tags return package names rather than ids when querying GET /tag/{id}
  • Doesn't return rendered_text property on package update.
  • Relationships use "object" key rather than id or package_id.
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