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#2816 fixed DomainObjectOperation not in model toby toby

Reported by toby, 21 months ago.


Over-enthusiastic removal of some model items

this breaks qa extension

#2812 invalid Groups description needs improving toby markw

Reported by markw, 21 months ago.


The 'What are Groups?' text at <> is a bit naff. Here is a suggested replacement:

What are groups?

Groups allow you to group users and data together so that they are easier to manage. For example datasets in a group could be visible only to group members, or publicly visible but only editable by group members.

Groups can be used to collect together datasets from a single publisher, or related to a particular project, for example.

#2811 fixed Author doesn't show on dataset read page seanh

Reported by seanh, 21 months ago.


Edit a dataset and add an author, dataset read page still says 'author not given'. If you fill out both the author and author email fields then it works.

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