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#2488 worksforme Group update via API fails validation with organization and publisher profile enabled johnglover johnglover

Reported by johnglover, 2 years ago.


Reported on IRC by 'floapps'.

  • when posting a group update with {packages: [package-1, package-2, etc.]}, getting ValidationError?: {'Packages': {'name': Missing value?}}, although package objects did contain a name field
  • same API call worked with organization and publisher profile disabled
  • also worked if added a form_to_db_schema_options function which used default_update_group_schema for api updates instead of default_group_schema
  • tried on both 1.7 and 1.7.1b
#2800 worksforme tooltip on popular datasets with number of views aron.carroll shevski

Reported by shevski, 21 months ago.


be good to do this in phase 3

#2817 worksforme Item Type Reverts on Invalid URL danieljohnlewis

Reported by danieljohnlewis, 21 months ago.


Problem: When creating a related item, if you put in a invalid URL it loses the choice of Item Type (e.g. Visualisation, Application) and reverts to the first time (API). Expected: It remembers which one was chosen

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