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#2819 worksforme Related Item Summary of Descriptions Markdown Issue danieljohnlewis

Reported by danieljohnlewis, 21 months ago.


Problem: When creating a related item it mentions that you can use markdown in the description, however markdown doesn't render in apps page nor in related items page. Expected: Make shortened descriptions (on apps page & related items page) render markdown

#26 duplicate A registered person creates their own tags for a package somebody johnbywater
#75 duplicate Record and display package "usage" information dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.

  • Number of package page visits on ckan (can we get this straight from google analytics)
  • Number of times url or download url is used - now ticket:937 (Record download stats for resoures)

How do we do this?

  • Google analytics will miss a lot of this usage (and how do we get that data out anyway)
  • Could use javascript but again misses usage.
  • One option is to redirect link but that is kind of nasty (but may be only option ...)
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