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#516 fixed Double-escaped text visible - revision page dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.


At: you can see: "Next »" on pager This doesn't seem to be a problem with earlier (1.0.1) version.

#533 invalid The performance of CKAN shall scale johnbywater

Reported by johnbywater, 4 years ago.


CKAN uses a database. We can put the database on another machine and then clone the CKAN machine. Then there are two machines calling the database and converting SQL results into HTTP responses.

How many machines can you have before the database becomes the bottleneck? At that point, what QoS can be obtained with normal hardware?

Afterwards, can CKAN be made to scale further than this with a little development? Can its Postgres database be mirrored in realtime? Or can we change SQL writes (create/updates) to write to many databases?

Are there any other options for scaling the persistence mechanism?

#535 duplicate genshi error when logged into dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.


Genshi exception when rendering the page whilst logged in to

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