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#906 fixed Ability to search without accents for accented words thejimmyg Stiivi

Reported by Stiivi, 3 years ago.


In Slovakia users are expecting from sites to be able to search without typing accents, for example if they do not have SK keyboard, just US. For example searching for: 'Obyvateľstvo' and 'obyvatelstvo' (population) or 'štatistika' and 'statistika' (statistics) should yield same results.

This should work the other way around as well, as some people might enter entries without accents into CKAN instance and others might search with accents.

For SK language simple ASCII transliteration for searched term and indexed words is sufficient (iconv ASCIITRANSLIT).

#1051 fixed Ability to set custom favicon sebbacon sebbacon

Reported by sebbacon, 3 years ago.


Allow deployers to set a URL pointing to their own favicon

#2409 fixed Accept headers not handled correctly ross markw

Reported by markw, 2 years ago.


CKAN returns HTML when an Accept header should make it return RDF/XML:

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