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#1693 fixed register_pluggable_behaviour should not be in routing ross ross

Reported by ross, 2 years ago.


We should try and move register_pluggable_behaviour into environment and out of routing as it is causing import issues when using simple search.

These functions already take a map and so they should be fine any time after the call to make_map

#1092 fixed refactor logic layer to seperate out api, form logic kindly kindly

Reported by kindly, 3 years ago.


The logic layer is a bit too api centric. Make the reusable parts separate in preparation for the wui refactor.

#1325 fixed python 2.5 incompatibilities dread dread

Reported by dread, 3 years ago.


We claim to support Python 2.5 (useful for Lenny), yet a few problems have crept in:

  • 'with' statement requires from __future__ import with_statement
  • import json from ckan.lib.helpers, rather than directly, since it copes with reverting to simplejson, used in python 2.5.
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