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#176 duplicate Package dependencies dread dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.


(Related to ticket:169 - Package derivations)

A 'dependency' relationship can be applied from one package to another. It implies that a package requires the download or existence of another package which it 'depends on'. (Analogous to software package dependencies.)

e.g. london-traffic-visualisation depends on road-map

'Dependency' relationship is:

  • directional
  • many:many
  • stateful

'dependency' table columns:

  • id (primary key)
  • dependent (foreign key)
  • dependency (foreign key)

Further tickets:

  • WUI - package view - have list of dependencies (do not need to list packages which depend on this one)
  • WUI - package edit form - new option to say 'depends on' (no need for 'has dependent package')
  • REST api - expose reading and writing 'depends on' property.


  • How do we deal with dependency at a particular version?
#180 duplicate Tag cloud as way to view CKAN tags rgrp jwyg

Reported by jwyg, 4 years ago.


Create big tag cloud with all CKAN tags - perhaps weighting with size and colour...

#186 duplicate Automated upload to s3 rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 4 years ago.


(Follows on from ticket:107). We want to provide facility for users to automatically upload material.

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