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#395 duplicate Set up profiling to analyze performance issues pudo

Reported by pudo, 4 years ago.


At the moment, some pages within CKAN tend to load slowly. We should create a profiling setup in which we can measure response times for complete requests and individual methods calls.

This could be used to identify bottlenecks and find an appropriate caching or tuning strategy to improve CKAN performance.

NB: We should also agree on a maximum request latency.

TODO: Read up on all those QoS tickets to avoid overlapping efforts.

#402 duplicate Archiving worker to back up package resources from a CKAN instance pudo pudo

Reported by pudo, 4 years ago.


Write a worker that scans all packages in a ckan instance and uploads the data to or another suitable storage system.

  • Naming scheme?
    • Bucket: {ckan-instance-id}-{package-name}? {ckan-instance-id}-{package-id}?
      • What happens if names change
    • File: filename? hash?
  • Store hash back on ckan instance?

The caching worker will consumer update notifications and fetch packages.

Extra points for:

  • Properly checking for source file modification (Last-modified, Etag)
  • Using PIP VCS Backends for retrieval
  • OFS/S3 Storage
#440 duplicate Write and pass comprehensive performance tests dread dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.


Run latest ckan on eu0. Automate some queries and searches. Check load and database connections / processes.

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.