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#104 fixed View a package at a given version rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


As a user i want to see a package at "version" X (NB: not revision X).

  • When I visit e.g. /package/read/xyz?version=0.7 I should be shown package at version 0.7 (or a message saying no such version)
  • Implementation:
    • Find revision for this version (search revision history for when version field was last 0.7)
    • Show pacakge at that revision (as in ticket:103)
  • On history page also shows versions in list of revisions associated with the package
#105 fixed Package groups (view) dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


As a user I want to be able to create groups of packages.

This functionality is different from tags:

  • The ability to add a package to a given group is restricted whereas anyone can add a given tag to a package
  • Specifically groups have owners and only the owners can add a package to that group

Group properties

  • id (primarykey, uuid style)
  • name (restricted content - same rules as package)
  • title (no restrictions)
  • owners -- many:many with user object
  • description (markdown)
  • packages -- many:many with package object

Don't version groups for now.

Groups address in the WUI will be:

  • /group - browse list of groups (reuse list action)
  • /group/list - same thing for now
  • /group/<groupname> - display: group properties with links to packages. No links to user pages (yet).

Group editing and searching will be another ticket.

Cost: 3d

#106 duplicate Regularly convert CKAN data to RDF and put on Talis CC dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


Sister to ticket:90 (Link to RDF version of CKAN data on Talis Connected Commons).

Talis have already kindly done an initial conversion. We should repeat this process regularly and re-upload the data to Talis CC.

In the long run may wish to only re-convert packages changed since the last upload. However given relatively smaller size of full dataset this optimization is probably not yet required.

Attached is the ruby script used by Talis for conversion

Cost: ? (1d+ depending on e.g. how easy integration with Talis CC is)

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