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#107 invalid Provide information about uploading material rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


Often people who are registering resources want to make the associated material available. We should:

  • Provide a dedicated upload page giving instructions as to upload process
    1. Explain we don't store the data itself on CKAN. Suggest uploading to a store somewhere and then linking using download_url (that is its purpose)
    2. Upload to
      • Talis CC for RDF
  • link to this page from next to download_url item on new package page

In long run (now ticket:186) we may automate this by providing a ckan upload facility which caches the data and then reuploads it to relevant service (disadvantage is "we" are the owner of the data on that service ...)

#108 fixed Package search in the REST API dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


Add package search facility in the rest api at /api/search

Queries can be provided as for the normal package search either by posting to that url or by performing a get with a query string.

E.g. .../api/search/package?q=xyz

Query parameters:

  • q is keyword string (searches name, title, tags by default)
    • split by words and ANDed
  • additional parameters for specific fields
  • qjson is alternative to q for Searching by specific fields (in addition to keyword string). Payload to json is a JSON-encoded dict which is a dictionary with a q field for free text (keywords) and additional key/value pairs for specific fields
    • if q and qjson specified ignore q and just process qjson value

Additional parameters in addition to query ("q" or "qjson") are:

  • limit
  • offset
  • fullinfo=0/1 - return full record for each result (default=0)
  • order_by=field_name
  • search_notes=0/1 (default 0) do we search notes field in a keyword search

Return value is json encoded dictionary with keys:

  • 'results': list of results
  • 'count': total number of results

Extras (for the future)

  • Prioritisation is not part of this ticket (requires fulltext support in DB or in external app such as Xapian)
#109 fixed Tag search in the REST API rgrp dread

Reported by dread, 5 years ago.


Similar to ticket:108 but for tags:


For tags search is extremely simple since you can only search by name.

Possible Extras

  • Allow "exotic" ordering of results e.g. ordering by number of packages with that tag.
  • Return this number with tag list.
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