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#2737 fixed change help/prefilled text in format field toby shevski

Reported by shevski, 22 months ago.


Should be basic format (which is what the datastore wants & what we display to users) e.g. "CSV, XML, JSON etc"

#2736 wontfix Archiver fixes ross ross

Reported by ross, 22 months ago.


We need to check the archiver to make sure it works as we would expect after the changes in #2732:

  • Receive notification of a file that needs processing
  • Check the file's DB entry and upload the file to the configured remote service
  • Update the URL of the file (both in the file's DB entry and the resource)
  • Once we're sure the file is safely archived, we should mark the file as being archived

so that we know it can safely be deleted at some point.

Maybe this could/should be implemented as a service rather than a celery task?

#2734 fixed once format on resource form has errored, no longer submits form toby shevski

Reported by shevski, 22 months ago.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to edit a resource, e.g.
  1. Change the format field to something it doesn't get. e.g. add a comma "HTML,"
  1. Get message: "The form contains invalid entries:

Last modified: Date format incorrect Size: Invalid integer"

  1. Format field reverts, try to re-save/submit form - i.e. click on "update resource"
  1. nothing happens (same if you even try changing the format field
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