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#161 fixed Tag listing is incorrect dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


E.g. this has no-postcode listed but when you look at that package 'postcodes' isn't a tag ...

I suspect this may be to do with search using deleted tags as I think no-postcode had postcodes as a tag at some point earlier ...

#162 fixed Tags should be automatially lowere-cased if not already dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


Rather than raising a validation error automatically lower-case tags on submission.

Cost: 0.5h

#163 fixed Regularly put CKAN RDF on Talis CC rgrp dread

Reported by dread, 5 years ago.


Related to: ticket:90 Link to RDF version of CKAN data on Talis Connected Commons ticket:164 Creating RDF data from CKAN

Regularly re-upload the CKAN RDF data to Talis CC.

In the long run may wish to only re-convert packages changed since the last upload. However given relatively smaller size of full dataset this optimization is probably not yet required.

Cost: ? (1d+ depending on e.g. how easy integration with Talis CC is)

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