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#1738 fixed Add extension point to search index, so can modify dataset dict before index. kindly kindly

Reported by kindly, 2 years ago.


It is useful for extensions to add or change items that go into the search index. Add an extension point for this.

#1741 fixed Add extention point to dataset view. kindly kindly

Reported by kindly, 2 years ago.


Need to add extension point to change the data_dict that passed to the dataset view template. This extensions modify what data gets shown.

Tasks include:

  • Fix up data_dict and templates so that the pkg objects do not get used in the templates. This is to assure that all data passed is modifiable. (2d) (complete)
  • Add extension point to Ipackage controller (1d)
  • Test (1d)
#1324 fixed Add extra fields to resource table kindly kindly

Reported by kindly, 3 years ago.


add extra fields to resource as outlined in

Specifically (all unicode strings except for those noted):

  • name: a name for this resource (could be used in a ckan url)
  • type: the type of the resource. One of: file | api | service | listing
  • mimetype: standard mimetype (e.g. for zipped csv would be application/zip)
  • mimetype_inner: mimetype of innermost object (so for example would be text/csv)
  • size: [integer] size of the resource (content length) in bytes. Usually only relevant for resources of type file.
  • last_modified: [datetime] the date when this resource's data was last modified (NB: not the date when the metadata was modified).
  • cache_url: url for cache of object in ckan storage
  • cache_last_updated: [datetime] timestamp when cached version was created
  • webstore_url:
  • webstore_last_updated: [datetime] timestamp when webstore was last updated
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