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#2613 wontfix Javascript functionality aron.carroll shevski

Reported by shevski, 22 months ago.

  1. file uploads on dataset creation
  2. create dataset validation
  3. create dataset slugs
  4. Add dataset to group process: pop-up allowing you to quickly search for a pick a dataset to add to group. Must check you have necc auth over dataset to be added validation of user name
  5. Language box
  6. toggling activity stream
  7. Search sorting
  8. autocomplete on tags
  9. add and remove custom fields on forms
  10. the rest: tooltip on popular datasets with number of views

facets to update automatically

creating a dataset without reloading page between steps

hover on licences information

autocomplete on search terms

group filtering

add comment to datasets

social share buttons in lightboxes

dataset counts on homepage?

#2614 fixed improve the documentation around less/node aron.carroll toby

Reported by toby, 22 months ago.


needs to move to a better home

better ubuntu install instructions plus test they work

apt-get install nodejs

integrate with paster

#2617 fixed Move data preview into demo aron.carroll aron.carroll
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