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#646 wontfix Web UI shall support registering harvest sources johnbywater
#648 fixed Enable lock-down of package creation pudo

Reported by pudo, 4 years ago.

  • copy exisiting tests, modify authz in setUp, adapt and extend tests
    • Problem: default_role_actions is read by init_db
    • Solution: nuke db after monkey-patching
    • role = model.Role('Reader'), del role.actions[...]

self.PRE_MAUTHZ_RULES = copy(mauthz.default_role_actions) mauthz.default_role_actions.remove((Role.READER, Action.CREATE)) #raise Exception(mauthz.default_role_actions) model.Session.remove() model.repo.rebuild_db()

  1. Start from the functional

is_authorized(user, Action.Create, model.Package)

-> Doing this will put 'Package' in the context field of the user_object_role table. This will trigger SQLAlchemy to attempt a join towards PackageRole? in all queries. Since for class-level role assignments there never is a PackageRole? join table entry, this will never return any results.

  • have a ckan install that would not allow visitors to either list packages or list groups
    • two paths: create the listing, but for each group/pkg decide that you cannot show this
    • lock down the whole page (/package/list)
      • this is class-based, not object-based

is_authorized(user, Action.Package_Create, model.System()) is_authorized(user, Action.Group_Create, model.System())

[Separating Package and Group roles may be useful going forward: PackageEditor?, GroupEditor? etc]

  1. Find a standard way to lock down classes
    • possibly add default rows in user_object_role
    • introduce lock-down into controllers: group new, package new, REST equivalents,
    • confirm tests
#649 fixed Introduce Authorization Groups in model pudo

Reported by pudo, 4 years ago.


Authorization Groups:

(Doing this first seems more stable since we first want to "re-gain" exisiting functionality)

  • Create and model tests for authorization_group-based auth
    • tests: functional: create fixtures, do actual requests

lib-tests: test for membership addition, removal, group-right additions affecting all members, group-right removal, group rights affecting non-members.

# * Adapt model to get these passing

  • Integration into existing controllers should be negligible but may want ot have tests
    • do not want that. would mean design is broken
  • Need to create a new controller for editing authz groups (will have same permissions as any other object -- Reader, Editor, Administrator)
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