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#813 fixed Add link to “Register new package” to the homepage cygri

Reported by cygri, 3 years ago.


A link to the “register new package” page would be handy somewhere on the front page. As a frequent editor, I often go to in order to create a new package. I don't want to hunt around for the link to the “new package” form.

The link could go into the bar next to “About / Statistics”. Or into the “More information” sidebar. Neither of these truly make sense, but it's a frequently accessed link and that's reason enough to put it somewhere onto the frontpage.

#95 fixed Add manifest support rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


Support for listing files (manifest) contained within a package.

Traditional manifests just list the files. Suggest in addition we have support for optional metadata in form of key, value pairs.

#573 duplicate Add metadata entity to harvesting queue johnbywater
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