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#151 duplicate User object should have a created attribute dread rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


User object should have a "created" attribute initialized to current datetime.

Require a db migration but o/w very simple.

Cost: 1.5h

#152 fixed Package has editable 'Extra' fields dread dread

Reported by dread, 5 years ago.


Package edit page has fields for extra key-value pairs. Don't use formalchemy. The form displays the existing ones and new ones as follows:

Key           Value            delete
[ country   ] [ uk, spain   ]  [x]

When presenting the form, existing pairs and 3 blank pairs are provided.

When saving the data, keys that are not changed use the existing PackageExtra object (perhaps with new value). Deleted keys put the PackageExtra state to deleted. For new keys, only create a new PackageExtra if there isn't a state=deleted one to resurrect.

Validators ensure no repeated keys.

#153 duplicate Group's packages listed alphabetically dread dread

Reported by dread, 5 years ago.


This is so you can easily look up whether a given package is already listed - otherwise as lists get bigger becomes difficult to see what is already there.

Suggested by Jonathan Gray

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