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#869 fixed Add plugin interface to allow editing and extending of config by extensions rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 3 years ago.


Use case: extensions need to add to template and public search paths if they wish to have templates or extra static files (such as js etc).

Allowing plugins to edit the config dictionary on load would allow this (and more!).

Are there any security considerations here? (Is is bad to allow extensions to make arbitrary changes to the config information?)

#1694 fixed Add quick functional test(s) for activity streams HTML rendering seanh seanh

Reported by seanh, 2 years ago.


The activity streams feature is already thoroughly tested via the logic layer and API calls, but there needs to be a quick test of the rendering code, e.g. fetch a user's page (thus testing that ckan doesn't crash while rendering it) and then assert that the expected activity streams HTML is in the fetched HTML.

#1547 fixed Add search methods (before and after) to the IPackageController interface amercader amercader

Reported by amercader, 2 years ago.


Time estimate: 1d

Add a two search method to the IPackageController interface so extensions can:

  • Modify the query being sent to Solr
def before_search(search_params):

    return search_params

  • Modify the results returned (after_search)
def after_search(search_results, search_params):

    return search_results

Please see this pad for implementation details:

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