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#2802 fixed Need to tweak the JSON formatting of the localisations aron.carroll aron.carroll

Reported by aron.carroll, 21 months ago.


This is what we need the JSON to look like. Taken from the Jed documentation (


      // The empty string key is used as the configuration
      // block for each domain
      "" : {
        // Domain name
        "domain" : "the_domain",

        // Language code
        "lang" : "en",

        // Plural form function for language
        "plural_forms" : "nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);"

      // Other keys in a domain contain arrays as values
      // that map to the translations for that key.
      // Gettext suggests that you use english as your keys
      // in case the key isn't found, and it can just pass
      // the value directly through.
      // Note: by convention, the 0-index location of the translations
      // is never accessed. It's just a thing, I guess.
      "a key" : [ null, "the translation", "the plural translations", ... ],

      // The plural form string is converted into a function
      // and the value that's passed into the gettext call
      // is passed into the plural form function. It's result
      // (plus 1) is the index that the translation comes from.

      // We're using sprintf interpolation on our keys so we can
      // then sub in the _actual_ values into the result.
      "%d key" : [ null, "%d key", "%d keys" ],

      // Contexts are keys that are just prefixed with a context string
      // with a unicode \u0004 as the delimiter.
      // You can use it for anything. Usually it's just for being content aware
      // in some way (e.g. male vs. female, product vs. category)
      "context\u0004%d key": [ null, "context %d key", "context %d keys" ]

This looks like an appropriate python library to do the formatting. but I'll leave to your discretion.

Finally an API endpoint that returns the appropriate request would save us making requests to the i18n directory.


For example if the current url is http://localhost:5000/pl/dataset then the client would request:


This should return the Content-Type: application/json and a 200 with an appropriate JSON body (this can be the language requested or an appropriate fallback). I think that if the fallback is the default language (in most cases English) then we just return a 204 No Content to save data.

#2803 fixed Convert all JS translations to use keywords aron.carroll aron.carroll
#199 fixed Fix failing tests and provide documentation on how to run tests in datapkg rgrp casbon

Reported by casbon, 4 years ago.


As of 80:099bdc5b07a6 datapkg has 4 test fails and 1 test error.

There is no documentation on how to run them, so I am using 'python test'.

datapkg.tests.test_cli.TestCLI.test_ckan ... FAIL
datapkg.tests.test_cli.TestCLI.test_walkthrough ... FAIL
datapkg.tests.test_index.TestDbIndex.test_get ... /Users/james/Documents/virtualenvs/okfn/src/datapkg/datapkg/ SADeprecationWarning: Use session.add()
datapkg.tests.test_index.TestDbIndex.test_get_when_loaded_as_new_and_init_not_called ... /Users/james/Documents/virtualenvs/okfn/src/datapkg/datapkg/tests/ SADeprecationWarning: Use session.expunge_all()
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