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#2669 fixed style [Draft] aron.carroll toby

Reported by toby, 22 months ago.


I've added [Draft] to partial completed datasets in the package list and read commit 6a8e74d0



do you want to style them in some way?

#2668 fixed Permission for sysadmin to read a deleted publisher ross dread

Reported by dread, 22 months ago.


As a sysadmin I should be able to view deleted groups/publishers (publisher profile) but I can't.

In addition, there don't seem to be tests for permissions of deleted publishers.

#2667 fixed edit resource needs form shevski toby

Reported by toby, 22 months ago.


I thought I'd made this ticket before but can't find it. When we have a fully created dataset we need to be able to edit the resources.

template: package/resource_edit.html

when you've made a form reassign to me and I'll get it working

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