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#813 fixed Add link to “Register new package” to the homepage cygri

Reported by cygri, 3 years ago.


A link to the “register new package” page would be handy somewhere on the front page. As a frequent editor, I often go to in order to create a new package. I don't want to hunt around for the link to the “new package” form.

The link could go into the bar next to “About / Statistics”. Or into the “More information” sidebar. Neither of these truly make sense, but it's a frequently accessed link and that's reason enough to put it somewhere onto the frontpage.

#814 fixed Have an “About CKAN” link on every page cygri

Reported by cygri, 3 years ago.


A link “About CKAN” pointing to should be visible on every page. This is important because people often land on subpages and may have trouble figuring out what CKAN is.

I would put this link into the main navigation bar, on the very right next to “Revision History”. Then I would also remove the “Home” item from the main navigation bar because it is redundant. The CKAN logo is already a link to the homepage. The only other subpage in the “Home” section is “Statistics” and that's already linked from the homepage sidebar.

But anywhere else would be fine as well.

#815 duplicate Autocomplete for the search field cygri

Reported by cygri, 3 years ago.


The search field (on the homepage and in the top right corner of each page) should have autocomplete for package name. If a package name is selected, it should not do a search but go straight to the package page.

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