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#216 fixed UI Review - Search nickstenning dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.

  • allow clicking on 'only openly licensed'/'only downloadable' to select/deselect checkboxes: make them <label>s.
  • cut 'only's -- use word 'filter' instead
  • doesn't appear to match substrings!? A search for 'anna' doesn't return match the 'annakarenina' package.
  • autocomplete package names & tags
#217 fixed UI Review - Search results nickstenning dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.


Package search results page package/search

  • need clearer delineation between search entry form and results.
  • 0 results needs to be clearer, and the alternative suggestion: 'would you like to create a new package' needs to not look like a search result.
  • "N tags found" -- why do I care? this should be presented as "filter results by tag" -- very unlikely that I'm looking for a tag: I'm looking for a package, but tags might help me narrow down my search.
  • tags should be displayed more like the way they're displayed when you add them to a package (i.e. blue 'tag' background)
  • filter out particular tags
  • tag cloud?
  • copywriting: "Packages - Search" -> "Search packages"
#218 fixed UI Review - Package listing nickstenning dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.

  • openness/downloadability ticks/crosses are totally inscrutable to non-techies (those who don't know about the title attribute). need better icons, and a key in a box on RHS.
  • maybe highlight two-tick entries with a particular colour, but the open knowledge badge is horrendous, and breaks visual cadence.
  • results data should be tabulated, with the project names and descriptions made most prominent. <li> blobs are unnecessary visual noise.
  • maybe links should go on the full titles? Get rid of package names.
  • Should have filter by name (à la KForge alphanum widget) and also by tag: list of most common tags in box on RHS?
  • same comments as search listing (ticket:217)
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