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#816 fixed Autocomplete for the resource format field johnglover cygri

Reported by cygri, 3 years ago.


The field for entering the format of a resource should have autocomplete, populated from all the values that have already been entered in this field for any resource.

This would help improve data quality and consistency.

#817 worksforme Proposed redesign of Resources table on package pages cygri

Reported by cygri, 3 years ago.


There are some problems with the Resources table on package pages:

  1. The column labelled “URL” doesn't contain URLs, but just the word “Download”.
  2. The links labelled “Download” often are not download links, but something else (example links, API endpoints, documentation links).

Attached is a screenshot for a proposed redesign. The changes are:

  1. Move the Format column to the right of the Description column (description is more important)
  2. Make the description a clickable link
  3. Drop the “URL/Download” column because it's now redundant
  4. Rename “Description” to “Resource” (not that important)
#819 fixed Tag autocompletion widget broken cygri

Reported by cygri, 3 years ago.


The widget for tag autocompletion is broken in various ways.

For example, if I edit a package that is tagged "music", and just tab through the form fields to get to the Author field, then the widget changes to "industrial-music" as I tab through it.

Or if the tag is "foo bar" and I hit alt-right to jump to the end of the text field (with the intent of adding a third tag), then the contents change to "foo barbecue".

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