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#172 fixed Build ckan documentation using sphinx and upload rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 5 years ago.


Use python sphinx to build documenation in ./doc and then upload it somewhere publicly accessible.

NB: improving the documentation is another matter (as is integrating e.g. existing api docs).

Upload location (these are docs for CKAN codebase/concept not the ckan service at so good not to associate it too closely with

#173 fixed Diffing WUI rgrp dread

Reported by dread, 5 years ago.


Use vdm diff functionality (see ticket:82) to implement diffing of packages between versions in WUI.

In package history you should be able to select to revisions and show the diff.

Estimated cost: 12h

#174 fixed Packages search broken for 'only openly licensed' rgrp dread

Reported by dread, 5 years ago.


the "only openly licensed packages" tick box seems to return blank page every time - as do queries for only openly licensed and only downloadable packages. The "only downloadable packages" tick box by itself seems to work fine. E.g. try searching for 'science'.

Raised by Jonathan Gray

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