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#187 fixed Full-text search rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 4 years ago.


Standard search should search notes field in addition to name, title and tags (discussed in ticket:108 but not done). For this to work we need proper text search since o/w we get poor ordering and lots of bad results.

If we do this we need:

  1. To weight across fields in a sensible way
  2. We can also use proper text search on title or ...

Easiest way to do this is to use existing facilities in dbs e.g. postgres has full text support since 8.3:

Using this with sqlalchemy:

Issues with fulltext search:

  • tags not indexed, so would need to 'or' search of tags. This would cause problems with the order_by of the query, since the tags wouldn't have a ranking.
  • if tags are indexed then perhaps we don't want them converted into lexemes? Exact match could well be better.
  • can we split the name on dash or underscore before being indexed?
  • natural language search doesn't do partial words, so search for 'gov' doesn't bring up 'government'.
  • do we keep the existing search system usable with a config file switch for if we install on a db aside from postgres?
  • we want to weight name and title higher than other fields - achievable with custom trigger.
#188 duplicate Improve package listing views rgrp rgrp

Reported by rgrp, 4 years ago.


Propose change to tabular-like format showing these attributes (perhaps should be configurable?)

  • Openness status
  • Title (not sure name is needed)
  • Tags

Cost: 4h

#189 fixed Multiple download urls dread dread

Reported by dread, 4 years ago.


See also: PackageResources which defines a 'distribution' as a package's payload (perhaps with metadata). In our case, at least within CKAN, the representation of the distribution will just be the reference to get it (plus some minor metadata). We are expanding this functionality to be any kind of 'resource' associated with a package since it is likely in some cases people will want to link to a file containing a part, but not the whole, of a package's data.

As a

User (package editor and package user)

I want to

(package editor) Associate multiple distributions with a package.

(package user) Easily have access to multiple distributions of a package should they exist.


There is an object called 'Resource' with the following attributes:

  • url (text) (required in UI, but not in db table)
  • format (text)
  • description (text)
  • package (association) - a resource is always associated with 1 package

A package's list of resources will have an order which is preserved. The first in the list will be known as the 'default resource' (the presumption will always be that this is a 'distribution').

How to replace download url

download_url removed and replaced as a proxy attribute. Read returns the url of the default distribution. Write changes the url of the default resource. Ensures backward compatibility.

REST API has new attribute in package dictionary 'resouces' - an ordered list.

In WUI, replace download url in package read with a table of the distributions.

In the WUI package edit, be able to add/remove/edit/reorder distributions.


Example part of package:

Distributions: PDF Original report csv Original data sparql Linked version of data

Existing data to be migrated to new structure.

Cost: 4 days

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.