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#2903 wontfix Two search boxes johnmartin johnmartin

Reported by johnmartin, 20 months ago.


I think the architecture on the search page is a bit odd. Not sure I like that there is a doubling up of the search box (e.g. one in the header and one in the body of the search results page)

Needs some thought

#2880 wontfix Datasets (Package) should have owners icmurray ross

Reported by ross, 21 months ago.


Each dataset should have an explicit owner that is an organisation. This is the organisation that owns the dataset* and will be used for specifying who can move a dataset out of the default organisation.

This should probably be a foreign key link from dataset to organisation (or rather group).

  • Currently this won't necessarily be the organisation that the dataset is a member of, but it is likely that this will be the case initially (at least until someone moves it to another organisation).
#2879 wontfix Datasets (Package) should have a 'public' field ross ross

Reported by ross, 21 months ago.


The Package model should have a boolean field added to it describing its visibility beyond that supplied via auth.

The related permission for viewing packages where public is set to False would be package.view (show, whatever), and *never* visible for unauthenticated users.

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