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#2878 wontfix Roles and Permissions for Organisations icmurray ross

Reported by ross, 21 months ago.


As part of merging Organisations into core, it is necessary that we clarify the capacity field with which the users/datasets are added as members to the group 'subclass'.

Rather than the capacity being an opaque string that implies auth but doesn't clearly specify it, we will use role names where roles are defined in the database - with a clearly defined set of standard roles. The Role table is expected to have simply a string name/representation and acts as a container for permissions.

Each permission is a string of the form object.action (such as package.add, group.delete) of which several are expected to be associated with a role. This means the permission table will contain a string and a reference to the role.

This work will require UI changes to the screens allowing users to be added to a group/organisation so that the list of available roles is available to add those users.

[x] Model for Role and Permission

[ ] Logic layer changes for managing roles/permissions etc.

[ ] Determine default roles, perhaps just admin/editor/viewer

[ ] Fix the auth layer to use the permissions/roles - may be better implemented as another ticket.

#2876 fixed Admin Config changes are not forced toby toby

Reported by toby, 21 months ago.


need to make sure these update everywhere when done

#2875 fixed Fanstatic css issues toby

Reported by toby, 21 months ago.


Fanstatic does not support

@import ...

relative imports for images etc

need to get a fix for these asap

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