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#1381 fixed Managing groups via package entity API amercader pudo

Reported by pudo, 3 years ago.


It is not currently possible to assign or remove groups by adding or removing their group name from the "groups" list on the REST API. This should be allowed, as it is easier than first adding a package and then editing each group it must belong to.

#1456 fixed Use resource description instead of name if both are present amercader amercader

Reported by amercader, 2 years ago.


If a resource has both description and name the name is used. Descriptions are generally more, well, descriptive, so let's use those.

#1462 fixed Multi-Instance CKAN Solr Search Issues amercader thejimmyg

Reported by thejimmyg, 2 years ago.


With the 1.5 package release, CKAN instances over-write each other's indexes. Adria has a fix.

I'd like to see a new CKAN 1.5.1 release with the Solr changes merged and the Solr site ID set up as part of the install ckan.site_id = I'd also like the ability to search on ID and to have the ID directly visible on the package page.

We need to decide how to do this upgrade without affecting existing CKAN solr indexes.

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