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#2772 1345027445000000 seanh Transifex was updated and translators notified, translations were made and pulled into 1.8
#2774 1343993956000000 toby @aron I've created some js translations note that they are untranslated except for zh_TW which is mangled. At the moment they are just a json blob in public/base/i18n/<locale>.js What more do you need? It seems to me that you just need either `some_var = {json}` or `some_function({json})` let me know your preference or do we want this purely as an ajax call? If it's ajax I think we want a common approach like in http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2698 which I prefer to a unhelpful response
#2774 1344008312000000 aron.carroll I'm happy to just make ajax requests to public/base/i18n/<locale>.js, however this will use the language set in the <html lang> attribute. So if this file doesn't exist then we'll get a 404 and show the english. If we want something more sophisticated, determine an appropriate fallback etc, then I think the API is the way to go. Or we could get CKAN to determine the appropriate language file and include it in the page source...
#2774 1344009350000000 toby for now shall we just include it in the page? let me know how you want it included eg var = {}, fn({}), $(fn({})) etc
#2776 1343824375000000 aron.carroll Done in f24fcd9. This will require the demo site to be updated. This line needs to be added to the config.ini to get the CKAN logo back. {{{ ckan.site_logo = /base/images/ckan-logo.png }}} For other local sites remove the logo and the site title and description will be used. Currently the design doesn't handle a long description so beware.
#2778 1343841130000000 aron.carroll Tidied up in a55523175a95f2fc5c0ddddf9fa9579aa7111e39
#2779 1343737270000000 shevski Related ticket for undeleting datasets - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2780
#2779 1343818300000000 aron.carroll Toby is there a flag on the dataset object that tells me if it has been deleted?
#2779 1343818990000000 toby @aron, pkg_dict.state I think the options are active - all good draft/draft-complete - partially created dataset deleted - deleted
#2779 1343903455000000 aron.carroll Done in d17358f
#2780 1345023811000000 toby This is a new feature moving to phase 4
#2781 1343901395000000 toby @aron, This is possible via /ckan-admin/config but renders badly with the demo theme disabled due to hiding behind that black rectangle - maybe we can do something?
#2781 1343907075000000 aron.carroll What do you mean by "hiding behind that black rectangle"? Just tried it locally with the text "Welcome to the CKAN demo Try out standard CKAN functionality in a sandbox environment. Search for datasets directly from the homepage or by navigating to the Datasets search page where you can facet by tags, groups and format." and it renders okay…
#2781 1343947526000000 toby @aron please try with ckan.plugins = stats in your .ini ie without the demo theme being used
#2781 1344510922000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of 7c86e31
#2782 1343805253000000 toby @ira, I'm just closing this a) Because the ticket doesn't really mean anything what is `properly` also a link to some random website does not help. The ticket should tell me exactly what is wanted not be some sort of treasure hunt. b) This is major feature creep - we have agreed the tickets for phase 3 small things/bug fixes are fine but this possibly a massive thing. For weird stuff like this maybe you should save them up for when we have a meet up. You need to get buy-in from developers I need to have some sort of pride in what I do. c) I don't think this is a good idea from a technical perspective - maybe if you create a meaningful ticket it may make more sense. d) Also I'm not doing anything involving maps till we have proper attribution of the map we are using on the demo site because I have morals, I thought okfn did too but I'm not sure any more. Sorry to have to do this but it is for my sanity. As I have repeatedly said the tickets are really important as they are the basis of all the work that I do. They need to be of a reasonable standard.
#2782 1343810353000000 shevski @toby I added this post discussion about attribution. Sam says that if we actually use the app itself (currently we're using the maps from it - but primarily by taking screenshots instead of actually integrating) then the attribution would automatically show. In terms of ticket creating, I added this so people could see it and have a think about whether it's phase 3 or phase 4 (& move where necc) & whether you wanted more detail from me etc or whether it needed to be a more generic kind of ticket (i.e. 'need some low cost / low maintenance way to create backgrounds for demos'). In future, shall I email instead? Call on skype? IRC? before any tickets are created?
#2782 1343811113000000 toby @ira, I'm happy to discuss things on irc/email if you are unsure about things. If There are tickets that you are not sure about when they are wanted, then add them to phase 4 as they can then be ignored for now - anything added to phase 3 is a "this needs doing now" thing and as we have agreed exactly what we are doing in this phase (last week) then adding new features will likely get a negative reaction. So if not sure add it to phase 4 - aron and I may do some phase 4 tickets if we feel they will be quick and easy. As I've said small things like the breadcrumb is wrong on page xxx or bugfix tickets are fine as broken stuff needs fixing. Sometimes it may not be clear how much work something will be or who the person who needs to fix it is - so just ask first. The main problem with this ticket is that it is unclear what the ticket is about. cheers
#2783 1343814401000000 rgrp My 2c: this is very low priority atm (it will also be hard to do). What I'd vote for is some decent default patterned background or similar (what we have originally wasn't *that* bad ...)
#2783 1343817744000000 toby closing after discussion with kindly
#2783 1343818702000000 toby Milestone ckanhosted deleted
#2785 1344243731000000 shevski I think it's a nice to have, esp if we give it an intuitive UI Rufus is keen for this also
#2785 1344256089000000 shevski I would say leave as phase 4 for now
#2787 1344543473000000 toby Closing as too general and part of any plugin update
#2791 1343906884000000 aron.carroll I've added no-wrap as of 1db2037. Not sure what we should do about short titles/long tag lines though.
#2792 1343901501000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 1a83a77
#2793 1343897811000000 toby fixed but commit tagged as 2650 in error
#2794 1343903064000000 aron.carroll Done in 11f3b6297c
#2796 1345129471000000 shevski Some notes already here: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/datahub-faq
#2796 1345129495000000 shevski and here: http://wiki.ckan.org/Using_the_Web_Interface
#2797 1344250973000000 aron.carroll Just a classname issue. Fixed in f927598 and documented
#2801 1344526607000000 shevski @Aron / Ross is it worth having a separate page for related items? E.g. like on pd.eu http://publicdata.eu/app/irail
#2801 1344526719000000 aron.carroll Not sure it is. I'm just implementing a toggle on description so it works the same way as on the datahub.
#2801 1344531016000000 aron.carroll Now able to display the full text of related items as of e83df46
#2802 1344258233000000 toby @aron I've done most of this to test get strings {{{ python setup.py extract_messages }}} mangle the zh_TW creates .po/.mo files - I may need to fix plurals {{{ paster trans mangle -c .ini }}} create .js files only zh_TW will be correct due to other .po/.mo files being 1.7 ones {{{ paster trans js -c .ini }}} /api/i18n/zh_TW should be correct please note we do not have en.js I'm returning {} I think this is the correct response (maybe something else as we should just use the default _('...') strings - maybe we need to do something else for what it's worth pojson does not provide the format you wanted so I adapted it reassign if you need fixes
#2802 1344269446000000 aron.carroll Cool, this is in as of 8b72d1f8e9ba
#2803 1344256274000000 aron.carroll Done in 3b2427e
#2804 1344269865000000 aron.carroll Done in 38f824b
#2805 1344254760000000 toby Arg I think this is my fault
#2806 1352206005000000 johnmartin Fixed with new group pages.
#2807 1344270190000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 9a6d0be
#2808 1344944258000000 aron.carroll Close in 97d92ba
#2809 1344347814000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 84a4123
#2811 1349869110000000 amercader Fixed on master, 1.8 and 1.7.2
#2812 1344445200000000 toby @ira, do you want this change?
#2812 1344507240000000 shevski Current text does need updating, but I think we need an explanation along the lines of: "Groups allow you to group together datasets under a organisation (for example, the Department of Health) or topic (e.g. Transport, Health) so make it easier for users to browse datasets by theme. Groups also enable you to assign roles and authorisation to members of the group - i.e. individuals can be given the right to publish datasets from a particular organisation." But even that could be clearer. Mark's text could be misleading since we haven't currently implemented private datasets or the right auth settings.
#2812 1344509156000000 toby changed
#2812 1344521102000000 markw That's still fairly terrible. Also surely the auth stuff is part of Ross's Organizations stuff? It doesn't matter much if it's implemented yet, that's why this is a demo. But anyway, here is a more generic but readable version based on Ira's text above: Groups allow you to group users and data together so that they are easier to manage. Group owners can assign roles and authorisations, giving each project or department control of its own data publishing. Users can browse or search by group, making it easier to find the data they are looking for.
#2812 1344523785000000 toby @markw I think you are talking about a different ticket closing
#2812 1344524290000000 toby @markw, Actually I see you also want some text changes please don't add unrelated discussions to tickets as it causes noise is disruptive and I just end up closing tickets as won't fix etc. I have updated the text as it was assigned to me and so i am still keeping this closed as I did as requested. Can you an ira sort this out between yourselves and create a new ticket when you have agreement Thanks
#2813 1344445419000000 toby http://demo.ckan.org/dataset/afterfibre group box wants a title link is not clickable maybe reorder stuff
#2814 1346670381000000 ross Have assigned to client team to decide what they want to do about this.
#2817 1344544901000000 toby works in dev branch - may not be on s031 yet also please include urls in bug reports if possible - thanks
#2818 1344545331000000 toby check schema
#2818 1345482572000000 toby @ross, This is an issue with the related items schema - I'm not quite sure what all the rules should be eg does visulisation need image url? or is normal url ok? Could you review the schema and ensure that we require/don't require the correct items. If you provide the rules I can help do the schema if you want but I don't know them cheers Toby
#2818 1345485131000000 ross URL should be required, image url isn't required.
#2818 1346231718000000 ross Has been suggested that we are clearer on why the URL is required, as this related items are really just 'Links'. We should consider the name change, and also possibly make the types configurable in config somewhere as they are currently almost content free. Assigned to Sean to keep an eye on this ticket until we get a reasonable chance to action it.
#2819 1344545479000000 toby works in dev branch for /apps http://localhost:5000/dataset/1-kmwaterfractionfromnationaltopographicdatabasemapscanada/related
#2824 1344527130000000 shevski @aron any ideas?
#2824 1344532640000000 aron.carroll All fixed
#2826 1344527309000000 shevski @Toby do you know what's happened? Don't think this was the case before. Should pre-fill with standard image when there's no group image URL
#2826 1344528004000000 toby fixed, issue was url_for_static @ira, good to test the site in english ie url like /en/dataset change language to something then english it will help catch these issues
#2827 1344549139000000 toby Fixed and pushed to s031
#2828 1344507533000000 toby @ira this is the correct behaviour as this is a partially added dataset - rewritten ticket as it has a nice number :)
#2832 1344542984000000 toby duplicate of #2718 closing
#2834 1344856692000000 aron.carroll Done in 092d257
#2836 1344852009000000 aron.carroll Yeah you can pass an html block into a macro like so: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/2375-demo-theme-development/ckan/templates/package/snippets/resource_form.html#L44-48 What do you think? If it's useful I'll document it.
#2836 1344853957000000 toby @aron, I'd love it if we could pass it as an arg ie form.input(...., extra_info=<something escaped if not literal()>) also while we're at it I'd also really like form.input(...., help_info=<something>) that would give a (?) icon with a :hover {display:block} div - that make sense?
#2836 1344859911000000 toby I'd quite like some general css like this <span class="hover-for-help">[thing to hover over] <div class="help-text">Help text</div> </span> This is for the qa extension but seems like a general need .hover-for-help .help-text{ display:none; } .hover-for-help:hover .help-text{ display:block; position:absolute; padding:3px; }
#2837 1344847463000000 aron.carroll Checkboxes created with {{{ form.checkbox() }}} should be styled correctly. Got a link to an example?
#2837 1344847819000000 toby http://localhost:5000/testing/primer essentially it's a black not grey outline also errored one isn't red
#2837 1344851271000000 aron.carroll Fixed alignment issues in Firefox as of a6fa5a0. Can't do anything about visual display of checkboxes as they're controlled by the vendor. We could replace them with images, if this is going to be required then please create a new ticket for the next phase.
#2839 1344854522000000 toby this is fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/88
#2840 1344852538000000 aron.carroll Fixed in f7bc1c9. This can be flipped back by adding a class of {{{.tagline-right}}} to the hgoup element.
#2841 1344857415000000 aron.carroll Fixed in a317fb9
#2843 1345035045000000 ross Add existing dataset doesn't make a lot of sense because they can only belong to a single organization. Best would be to fix the organisation template to remove Add Existing.
#2844 1345454527000000 toby paster db clean fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/107
#2852 1345103409000000 toby @ira, Please review the fix I think adriá did
#2852 1345103634000000 toby I think it should stay red but you can argue
#2852 1345104027000000 shevski Red is fine here Can we amend the message to: Cannot create new harvest jobs on inactive sources. First, please change the source status to 'active'.
#2852 1345106515000000 toby text updated and red again
#2853 1345049201000000 amercader The message it is pretty self-explanatory, but I'm happy to lower it to warning. We can't know the scheduled time because it depends on how is set up on the server (generally a cron job every x minutes).
#2853 1345103841000000 toby @ira, I'll change to notice will do for the other one too
#2853 1345104231000000 toby @both notices now blue
#2855 1345103314000000 toby @ira, this works for me at the given link try refreshing the page in case it's a cache issue
#2855 1345104178000000 shevski I cleared my cache and it's working now
#2856 1345049793000000 shevski server error URL: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/apps/49a509f7-4eb6-456f-b1fc-87cfde90c60d
#2856 1345107503000000 toby fixed now gives 404 The issue of not wanting a 404 is outside the scope of this ticket as it's a whole activity stream issue and needs dev buy in etc
#2857 1345107097000000 toby dashboard hidden in phase 3 we can fix up in phase 4
#2863 1345122384000000 toby @ira, This is actually working correctly but the permissions on the server s031 are not what you want I do not know how or where these are defined - he has package_update permissions from somewhere maybe ross or someone knows
#2863 1345122876000000 ross This is changeable in config. The default permissions are specified in there I believe.
#2863 1345123824000000 shevski If by default it doesn't happen, then that's fine & we can close this. Any way for me to see how permissions are set?
#2863 1345123978000000 ross No idea :| The perms are commented out by default in the template ini file. You should take a look at the ini file and see how it is setup, search for ckan.default_roles.Package but I can't see how Daniel would have been granted read access without the auth pages being implemented.
#2863 1345201502000000 toby @ira, I am moving this to phase 4 as it's not going to be looked at till the new permissions stuff is agreed
#2865 1345131215000000 ross Can't replicate locally in either master or release-v1.8 /el/ isn't a valid locale, and so the problem is unicode in urls where ckan is trying to generate a 404.
#2872 1350304179000000 seanh Just tested and this seems fixed so closing
#2873 1345129315000000 danieljohnlewis For example see: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/qa/dataset/five_stars Which has: Example dataset as a score of: 4 After examination of the dataset ( http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/example-dataset ) it is made up of a CSV and an HTML file.
#2873 1345136489000000 toby This is a problem with the summary data not the resource qa score it is almost certainly due to stale data. keeping here till resolved
#2873 1345208283000000 toby qa extension is crap and needs fixing to work properly due to where it stores data (in the task status - wtf)
#2877 1345600430000000 kindly 1. This is fixed need to reload data to test though. 2. Fixed as far as I am concerned, limit 0 now returns correct total. If there are no results in filter return total of 0. 3. Want to keep postgres types. This will stop the need for mappings in both directions and makes everything simpler. We are currently not storing any metadata on tables and would like it to stay that way.
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