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#165 1311181391000000 thejimmyg This is more than 6 months old so closing.
#185 1291830039000000 thejimmyg This is probably no longer necessary. I've implemented JavaScript to hide the help text and allow it to be revealed by clicking "More >". This makes the form look simpler without needing to hide actual fields.
#191 1323171514000000 thejimmyg John will just check that the API version 3 does support modified after the new solr schema handled by Adria is in place.
#200 1311176118000000 thejimmyg I know this is for datapkg but it is over 6 months old so closing in line with our current ticketing policy.
#225 1311178276000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our new ticketing policy.
#232 1297246297000000 thejimmyg This has been here for over a year and is not a technical ticket. Suggest we close it?
#234 1294410993000000 thejimmyg Cygri opened #815 which I've closed as a duplicate. He requests: "The search field (on the homepage and in the top right corner of each page) should have autocomplete for package name. If a package name is selected, it should not do a search but go straight to the package page." @memespring - Is this something you are looking at?
#249 1311182450000000 thejimmyg This is over 6 months old so closing in line with our ticketing policy. Also, I shouldn't think we really want such a complicated search anyway.
#252 1294410341000000 thejimmyg David, do you know where this requirement has come from? Is is still relevant?
#269 1291830780000000 thejimmyg Just discussed this with Evan... notes field could use a WYSIWYG * No, Evan wants to discourage fancy features, plain text/markdown is fine * auto-complete on tags - DONE * department drop down options list interact with user permission - Evan building the API we need for this now. * licenses -> drop down is fine, let's just OGL as default So just default licence and replacing department with provider and via to be implemented on this ticket. Evan will provide: organisation.one() to look up one organsisation by ID organisation.many() to look up a list of organsisation by ID all at once organisation.match() to match a string and return a organsisation ID organisation.department() to take a organsisation ID and return the organsisation ID of the department it represents.
#277 1294416367000000 thejimmyg My opinion is that having configuration in a database is a bad idea. We are currently considering moving to a system where CKAN is installable using apt-get. Since we're already moving functionality into CKAN extensions, choosing what you want kind of CKAN you would like would then be as simple as chosing the package to install. Configuring it would just be editing the config file. I don't think this is as relevant as it was 10 months ago. Anyone mind if I change this to wontfix?
#294 1291830960000000 thejimmyg Duplicate of #812
#296 1294407032000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#297 1294407051000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#298 1294407080000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#299 1294407099000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#312 1311176173000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing in line with our current ticketing policy.
#316 1291831177000000 thejimmyg I've just tested this on ckan.net and it gives a sensible message: There was an error while searching. Please try another search term.
#318 1311176497000000 thejimmyg Assigning to John so that he can see whether the QA code correctly flags these kinds of problems. If it does, we can close this ticket because although the API will serve invalid URLs, the publishers will be notified to clean up.
#345 1291831615000000 thejimmyg This is a bit out of date. We have moved to a system of "stable" and "default" branches with feature branches for features, bugs and tickets. We already have default and stable tested by buildbot.
#346 1294410298000000 thejimmyg Could you take a look at this at some point please David? If it is already resolved could you please close the ticket? Thanks!
#355 1311177552000000 thejimmyg Our policy is to recommend the use of hyphens, but not to enforce it. The new package name suggestion autocomplete JavaScript uses hyphens.
#358 1310128782000000 thejimmyg Merging with #922 go there for latest updates.
#362 1311176564000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so marking as invalid in line with out ticketing policy.
#363 1310125872000000 thejimmyg This will eventually be fixed as part of braoder VDM changes. This work cannot be prioritised above other things we want to do.
#368 1291831811000000 thejimmyg I don't have enough information to debug this problem. I'm assuming that since this has been a while that the problem is solved? If not please re-open the ticket and add your contact details.
#371 1294411939000000 thejimmyg It is implied in this that the performance of sites should beat the QoS criteria, therefore closing #485. Ensuring this happens is an ongoing process.
#371 1294417434000000 thejimmyg From #440 we'll also need to "Write and pass comprehensive performance tests"
#371 1294417553000000 thejimmyg From #395: At the moment, some pages within CKAN tend to load slowly. We should create a profiling setup in which we can measure response times for complete requests and individual methods calls. This could be used to identify bottlenecks and find an appropriate caching or tuning strategy to improve CKAN performance. NB: We should also agree on a maximum request latency. TODO: Read up on all those QoS tickets to avoid overlapping efforts.
#371 1300217820000000 thejimmyg Marking as closed since http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/600 now takes on this ticket. I will check nils has added the new DGU Bytemark servers are added to Nagios.
#381 1294410466000000 thejimmyg There is no mention of what the test defect is. All tests pass so marking invalid.
#394 1294407189000000 thejimmyg Duplicate of #371.
#395 1294417538000000 thejimmyg Merging with #371
#398 1294407372000000 thejimmyg Considering this closed because of this blog post documenting the use of the API and linking to the CKAN docs: * http://data.gov.uk/blog/announcing-datagovuk-catalogue-apis
#404 1294415587000000 thejimmyg Duplicate of #896
#413 1294407429000000 thejimmyg There is no caching in the current DGU CKAN code.
#413 1294407458000000 thejimmyg (or rather all caching is disabled). If we re-enable it we'll want to test its behaviour.
#427 1294407533000000 thejimmyg We may need an updated form of the license service to support UKLP.
#427 1297686183000000 thejimmyg Documentation of the licenses service was handled in #973. Changing this ticket to be about matching the license service in UKLII.
#427 1299164063000000 thejimmyg This is done in the latest release to test.
#430 1298283075000000 thejimmyg We are doing other refactoring that is more important than this such as: * Plugin APIs to enable extensions * Form refactroing This ticket is 6 months old so closing.
#435 1298284084000000 thejimmyg Haven't seen this myself and it is 6 months old now.
#438 1294414132000000 thejimmyg Any idea what this ticket means? Should we mark as invalid and close? Thanks.
#439 1294413903000000 thejimmyg These have been agreed and are awaiting signoff.
#440 1294417436000000 thejimmyg Merging with #371. We'll do this as part of the move to the new DGU servers.
#442 1294414214000000 thejimmyg Is this still important? Do we need to set aside some time for it? Thanks.
#444 1294414008000000 thejimmyg Merging with #691
#446 1294414077000000 thejimmyg I don't understand this ticket. Since no-one has contributed to this ticket in 5 months I'm closing it.
#447 1294410666000000 thejimmyg Hi Richard, could you take a look at this please? It is probably invalid now, in which case feel free to close it. Many thanks, James
#448 1294417061000000 thejimmyg We do this on an ongoing basis. I don't think we need a ticket for it too.
#449 1294411301000000 thejimmyg Will, if this is something you are interested in do you want to kick it off. Otherwise maybe close the ticket?
#449 1311182945000000 thejimmyg This ticket is now more than 6 months old so marking as invalid in line with our ticketing policy.
#453 1294411369000000 thejimmyg This isn't really something that should be a CKAN ticket. It is more an ongoing thing.
#458 1294415537000000 thejimmyg N/a anymore.
#460 1311176868000000 thejimmyg This is most likely fixed in the new logic layer refactor but is more than 6 months old anyway so closing in line with our new ticketing policy.
#465 1294411534000000 thejimmyg Let's reopen this ticket if it comes up again. For now not an issue. Maybe also related to caching tickets #840 #841 #856 #668 #543 #540 #537.
#466 1294411633000000 thejimmyg What was the original requirement? What's wrong with the current HTTP header name? Can we not mark this as wontfix for now and re-open if needed?
#467 1294411656000000 thejimmyg Duplicate of #467
#467 1294411681000000 thejimmyg Sorry, that should have been #466.
#476 1294411741000000 thejimmyg Where did this requirement come from? Setting to wontfix for the timebeing. Feel free to re-open if there is a clear use case for this.
#477 1294411761000000 thejimmyg Duplicate of #476
#480 1294411813000000 thejimmyg We are currently updating the specification and the servers this runs on.
#480 1300281551000000 thejimmyg This is complete (albeit with a different architecture).
#481 1294248359000000 thejimmyg This is now implemented for DGU.
#482 1294417310000000 thejimmyg At some point we may want to introduce rate limiting on the CKAN API.
#482 1298284158000000 thejimmyg This is now 6 months old and there still doesn't seem to be a requirement for this. Marking wontfix and we can come back to it if it comes up again.
#483 1294417216000000 thejimmyg There isn't a catalogue web UI, just CKAN. I don't understand this, marking invalid. See instead #482 and #484.
#484 1294417248000000 thejimmyg There isn't a catalogue web UI, just CKAN. I don't understand this, marking invalid. See instead #482.
#485 1294411946000000 thejimmyg Merging with #371.
#489 1294414420000000 thejimmyg Which RDF service? Why does it need model events? Will, any ideas or shall I close it? Thanks.
#496 1294407899000000 thejimmyg This would only apply to packages that had a HarvestedDcoument record (ie had been harvested). There are two approaches for this: * Build the capability to respond to CSW "GetCapabilities" and "Get Records" requests * Export to an existing CSW server to provide the mechanism for us
#496 1297684298000000 thejimmyg The latest plan after update with PP is as follows: * CKAN will have a CSW interface * OS GenoNetwork will use this interface to determine: * New documents * Modified documents * Removed documents * OS will then handle the serving back to the EU since GeoNetwork already implements the custom filters the EU may require (their docs are ambiguous). This means the creation of the CSW server extension is now a high priority but it only needs to know about documents in the harvested_documents table. I've already implemented a REST API to get the those documents (but depending on the implementation it may need changing).
#496 1299164106000000 thejimmyg Will has implemented this now and OS have confirmed their export to GeoNetwork works.
#497 1294407705000000 thejimmyg Merged with #497
#497 1294407718000000 thejimmyg Sorry that should have been #496.
#498 1294412520000000 thejimmyg This is something that the Drupal team would need to do. There is no ability or requirement to embed the map widget into the CKAN search system yet.
#499 1296593038000000 thejimmyg Not on the SoR.
#511 1297075354000000 thejimmyg There have been quite a lot of improvements, this is now OK.
#537 1311178929000000 thejimmyg Consolidation of caching has been moved in ticket #995.
#538 1294412635000000 thejimmyg Rufus, is this something you want to take on or shall we close the ticket as wontfix?
#539 1303118486000000 thejimmyg Old ticket, not sure exactly what it is referring to, closing.
#543 1311178918000000 thejimmyg Consolidation of caching has been moved in ticket #995.
#563 1294231961000000 thejimmyg There is a choice here as to whether we provide an export to GeoNetwork or support a minimal CSW interface ourselves.
#563 1296592472000000 thejimmyg This is a duplicate of #496
#564 1294412714000000 thejimmyg This is a Drupal requirement rather than a CKAN one for the timebeing.
#565 1294412708000000 thejimmyg Don't understand this one? Anyone else know about it?
#565 1294417752000000 thejimmyg OK, just looked this up. We are moving to a publisher/provider model as a first step, not moving to code lists. Marking invalid.
#566 1294232284000000 thejimmyg To a large extent it does now so closing this ticket in favour of more specific ones.
#569 1294408084000000 thejimmyg Our metadata validation will consist of: * Testing the schema * Testing the schematron * Checking we can get out the data we need
#569 1297347214000000 thejimmyg This is now complete in ckanext-csw.
#570 1294407974000000 thejimmyg Merged with #569.
#611 1294408239000000 thejimmyg I don't understand this task, but suspect it can be treated as a duplicate of #569.
#612 1294408188000000 thejimmyg Duplicate of #569.
#617 1294408164000000 thejimmyg Duplicate of #569.
#646 1294413500000000 thejimmyg This is a Drupal requirement rather than a CKAN one for the timebeing.
#651 1311169144000000 thejimmyg This has been open for more than 6 months so closing it. It may even have been fixed in John's auth refactor.
#659 1311183031000000 thejimmyg Since there is already an implementation and already exists as a ticket in the OKFN tasks, I'm marking this as closed. If there is a reason this is still open, please add it to a more appropriate ticket, such as the API version 3 one.
#660 1311183115000000 thejimmyg This ticket is more than 6 months old so closing it in line with our ticketing policy.
#663 1294414953000000 thejimmyg This is still an issue. Who is best to look into it? Assigning to me for timebeing.
#664 1294413696000000 thejimmyg @pudo is this still valid?
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