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#203 1260456150000000 dread The list of groups was already done. The group view is now done in cset:a9506c0c9c68. Cost: .5h
#204 1260191598000000 dread First, do simple fields, department and a date field. See how it goes.
#204 1262605982000000 dread Basically done in changesets particularly: cset:06b1232321d7 cset:adc4ad5c5b3f cset:2b4c0f723307 cset:39dc4b106dd2
#206 1260881123000000 dread Done in wiki:UiReviewNotes and ticket:214 - ticket:227
#207 1270569952000000 dread Done by nick, put into forms branch and will be merged in soon.
#207 1271250740000000 dread This was done in forms branch - merge: cset:c22854a52319
#208 1261413421000000 dread Email addresses now URL-encoded in the package/read/id HTML. Done in cset:af07f3bd9a04
#213 1262689477000000 dread There is a fab file for microfacts already.
#213 1264436021000000 dread Done from cset:f342b4928466
#214 1260889758000000 dread 3rd item (Routing redirects) done in cset:1b2edc315d1b
#216 1260891028000000 dread First two items done in cset:f49a987492c6 Third item: If this book was correctly input the title would be 'Anna Karenina' and would match. Matching substrings isn't that useful and is difficult to achieve. Google doesn't do it, only doing similar matches. We do some of this - donkey and donkies are indexed and query the same. Fourth item: still TODO
#216 1260891603000000 dread On item 3: It does match 'geospatial' if you search for 'geo' or 'spatial' - I think it splits up words like these sensibly. Annakarenina doesn't split only because they are proper nouns.
#217 1260891718000000 dread Last item done - copywriting - in cset:74ffa691c7b4
#219 1260892527000000 dread Item 2 done in cset:399c37b2ed35.
#219 1294914901000000 dread "three-column package listing" has not been prioritised for over a year now - marking won't fix.
#220 1264436377000000 dread Done mainly in cset:a61604d082ed
#221 1271756757000000 dread * Ability to add the package to groups on this page. MOVED to ticket:295 * Fields could be grouped. DONE * Inconsistent capitalisation (Url -> URL). DONE * Tag editor YUI script appears to break occasionally. DONE * Perhaps move to two column forms to save vertical space? IGNORE * Notes field to monospace? IGNORE * Extras fields need some jQuery love -- shouldn't have a fixed number available. MOVED into ticket:294 * Typography is a bit of a mess. DONE
#222 1282909280000000 dread Done already.
#223 1264439367000000 dread From rgrp: Looked through jquery plugins and best I could find was this one: http://addywaddy.github.com/jquery.tagcloud.js/ ( http://plugins.jquery.com/project/jquery_tagcloud)
#223 1273247748000000 dread Tag cloud is already on the front page. The consolidation of browse and search of tags has already been done.
#225 1266837873000000 dread Note, in the REST API we are resource oriented.
#226 1273247829000000 dread Lots of excellent suggestions here.
#226 1279130390000000 dread Remaining items done in cset:7c63c10f5681. Took: 1h
#227 1273254223000000 dread The pagination issue was corrected a while ago. The inconsistency of page titles needs looking at still.
#227 1279192621000000 dread Page titles sorted in cset:2324447eb60f (related to ticket:350) Cost: 1.5h
#229 1262799850000000 dread Done mainly in cset:dcde72b325d8 plus migrate script in cset:3905a1c08d01 and minor corrections in cset:fe0dba15703b. Still to resolve questions about what sort of hash to store.
#230 1264435915000000 dread Done in cset:ad3bcfb10002 to cset:fa3bc8c93a91
#239 1264875924000000 dread This was done in cset:d213e942245b
#241 1270569769000000 dread This was fixed by John a couple of weeks ago with his new license stuff.
#243 1266837796000000 dread Looks like this has been fixed already.
#244 1271248968000000 dread This has been fixed by Benoit (backed out changes, waiting for upgrades to babel / genshi)
#247 1271248813000000 dread Done in cset:36c2c01a480c
#248 1270745304000000 dread Done in cset:193280d51050. Cost: 0.8 days
#252 1296477560000000 dread I've no idea what this is
#253 1270632458000000 dread Closing in favour of the 4 tickets it is split into.
#253 1319709714000000 dread Closed by mistake
#254 1266954625000000 dread Done with migration script in cset:663ff0c78e6e
#255 1268220526000000 dread Done simply in cset:b98ce3951f0a
#256 1290463475000000 dread This is a test
#257 1269277815000000 dread Done in changesets leading up to cset:24734bc10f80 Documented in API.
#258 1267208356000000 dread Was already there. Added test in cset:54d61cb0bd9a
#259 1267207964000000 dread rgrp fixed this in cset:45e16431add9
#260 1267122137000000 dread Done in cset:ffae8f89e577. Also made Group Read WUI format more like that for Package Read. Cost: 1h
#261 1267207776000000 dread Fixed in cset:c024937fc6cb. license_id removed in API.
#262 1267205195000000 dread It could be also be a package relationship. However it's recorded, however it's recorded, it would be good to record the merge in the db. If the system 'knew' there was a merge then it could: * leave a redirect page * the merge would sync well
#263 1273136715000000 dread Replying to [comment:4 rgrp]: > I also do not understand how I can login using my own openid e.g. one not provided by any of those providers (at least not directly ...): by default no box is showing and to make one appear I have to click on a specific provider (with unknown results if i then enter something). I found it pretty obvious to login using openid - clicking on the 'openid' box made sense. The input box may serve to confuse the majority who login via Yahoo/Gmail. I don't think it's worth changing AGAIN.
#264 1272390013000000 dread Mainly sorted in ticket:292. Also related changes in cset:ed4c500fcd90
#268 1285070682000000 dread Duplicate of ticket:652
#269 1288037103000000 dread Several of these points haven't been considered in the recent work.
#269 1291897538000000 dread Licence is defaulted in CKAN cset:5bfbcd457426 (merged into default) and DGU cset:2d798e8af3d7. "replacing department with provider" is covered in ticket: https://trac.dataco.coi.gov.uk/projects/datagov/ticket/742
#272 1271764003000000 dread Package feed done in ticket:255
#273 1278578527000000 dread rgrp: We plan to use SOLR. May investigate Xapian. Nothing more to do in this investigation.
#274 1278700842000000 dread A significant chunk of the work towards this done in cset:742adebb707c (refactoring search options).
#274 1281452015000000 dread The docs are now out of date and there doesn't seem to be a test for this.
#274 1287398398000000 dread I fixed the docs a couple of weeks ago. Need to ensure there is a test though.
#274 1287402800000000 dread Replying to [comment:8 pudo]: > Replying to [comment:7 dread]: > > I fixed the docs a couple of weeks ago. Need to ensure there is a test though. > > there is as of cset:c2e66cec3610 Error: Invalid Changeset Number
#276 1271250866000000 dread I could not recreate this. I think it is only for particular packages?
#276 1272276020000000 dread Estimate: 0.5day
#276 1272996237000000 dread Fixed in cset:060e2df72148
#278 1271173752000000 dread Fixed in cset:ad64bd0f6073 - copes with spaces now.
#280 1271173769000000 dread Fixed on default in cset:ad64bd0f6073
#281 1270723675000000 dread Done in cset:5e9f8ce150c2
#286 1270723629000000 dread Done in cset:76560fa09db8 and cset:752a634a3095 and error handling in cset:aa021336d64d
#287 1270801210000000 dread Done in cset:76560fa09db8 through cset:ea397fc03587
#288 1271173777000000 dread Fixed in cset:ad64bd0f6073
#289 1271249368000000 dread Done in cset:bf98b63331cf
#291 1273254895000000 dread This seems spurious. The options.q is unicode finds foreign characters fine. The hack has since been taken out.
#292 1272286005000000 dread Achieved in cset:56b02fda195e (rgrp), cset:95498407d15e and cset:f5af59a3365c. Remaining broken test put in ticket:300.
#295 1272384758000000 dread Done in cset:18edc4d95f2f. Took: 3h
#300 1272384474000000 dread Rufus fixed this in cset:e6e3
#303 1272912573000000 dread Package history page now shows revisions for tag, extra and resources. Needs tidying up and adding to REST. Done in cset:dc99df3ab4bd
#303 1272988619000000 dread Done in cset:dc99df3ab4bd cset:beb72a0aa810 cset:96bab1eb53f5 and vdm cset:bb9f97b1c4b0
#310 1279300525000000 dread Fixed in cset:a0acf179355c Cost: 2h
#315 1275846764000000 dread Fixed in cset:61548ced8b7d - Quote marks correctly read in for data4nr data, which makes this problem record ok (which opened in openoffice fine incidentally). Fields in package are now dumped in correct order to make it clearer. Not changed resource serialisation - if you want tidy json, then use the json dump. No real call for half-way house dump.
#316 1274366801000000 dread This exception occurs for ckan.net with just this one character: http://ckan.net/package/search?q=%C2 (you can wget it) But I can't recreate it on my machine. Maybe it's a version issue. The client that is making all these crazy calls is googlebot.
#318 1275320677000000 dread We can't change any of the metadata without permission from the various departments who supplied it. I think "Don't shoot the messenger" is apt here. Adding this to the form validation isn't going to change any of the existing data. I think this is better off in the data quality scoring.
#318 1349778662000000 dread Here's a real example - one of many from MOD {{{http://www.dasa.mod.uk/applications/newWeb/www/index.php?page=48&thiscontent=180&date=2011-05-26&pubType=1&PublishTime=09:30:00&from=home&tabOption=1}}} Browsers accept colons and slashes happily, which is the main usage of our links. The URL looks better with the colons and slashes, rather than the encoded version. The average departmental user doesn't understand that the reason to encode them is for some academic RFC and RDF which is not "liberal in what it accepts". Since the RDF tool has a satisfactory way to encode links, this problem is essentially solved. Therefore I'm changing ckanext-archiver to accept these unencoded links, I'm afraid.
#319 1274366882000000 dread Fixed in cset:a1ef783d27d2 on default and metastable.
#320 1279105983000000 dread site_title added in cset:b4c0e0a5630d site_logo is changeable in one place in the template so not essential
#320 1279130535000000 dread Took 1.5h
#322 1277722821000000 dread Done but not pushed. Took 3.5 days.
#323 1277722845000000 dread Done but not pushed yet. Took 3.5 days.
#324 1278599927000000 dread Done in changesets leading up to cset:ca565562129d.
#325 1278599979000000 dread Both sending and received tickets closed.
#326 1274789296000000 dread Done in cset:66c21d78d2f8. Took 20mins.
#328 1275318745000000 dread Done in cset:170cac0b50ac and uploaded to kforge.
#329 1275079189000000 dread Fixed in cset:d264f9d57477 and cset:07701ef4085e
#330 1275303122000000 dread Fixed in cset:2f18d0e661fd on metastable and default branches.
#331 1282833125000000 dread CKAN timestamps should not be in a timezone, since when the clock goes back, it could cause problems for vdm. But there may be cases when CKAN is running on a machine that needs the clock set for a particular country (say for a front-end running on the same machine), and so vdm should be changed to create timestamps using UTC specifically (rather than add a timezone, since a mixture of timezones won't sort). And when we display it (or reply to a request) we convert it to the local timezone, as suggested in the description.
#332 1275306933000000 dread Switched from YUI a couple of months ago.
#333 1275407987000000 dread Use case 1: decided that when the user is redirected back to the front-end system, the URL contains a parameter with the package just edited. (In addition to the notification message.) Use case 2: decided that if the load on the front-end is not high from 100 non-web requests. Should it become a problem in future, the queue consumer could be adapted to slow down / amalgate multiple requests.
#335 1275997752000000 dread Done in cset:5c0c0b6e1342
#335 1276179605000000 dread On discussion with rgrp it's clear that it's also useful to set the redirect url in a config variable - then the client doesn't have to change. This was done in cset:b9fdd208dd45
#336 1276162601000000 dread
#336 1278700021000000 dread Done in cset:742adebb707c and cset:1748e6554e77.
#336 1278700266000000 dread Took 0.75 days.
#336 1279373842000000 dread Fixed in cset:e719f449bc74
#337 1279300972000000 dread Fixed in cset:f5cc13ade0e8 Cost: 30m
#340 1276010234000000 dread Done in cset:f77639ddcf0d
#340 1328807317000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.0.2?
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