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  • Ticket #1370

    • Property Priority changed from minor to major
    • Property Summary changed from Add sharethis or similar to each dataset page to Add a way to share datasets and see mentions of datasets on twitter (and elsewhere)
    • Property Milestone changed from ckan-backlog to ckan-v1.6
  • Ticket #1370 – Description

    initial v3  
    1 Propose to add a bit of 'social' stuff (e.g. share this on facebook, twitter etc). Suggest using sharethis system. 
     1As a visitor I want to share a link to a dataset I have found. I also want to see how many others have shared this (or mentioned it). 
    3  * ckan.sharethis.apikey: config option to put in your sharethis api key 
     3 * Sharing platform: simplest option is probably twitter but could generalize to e.g. sharethis system which supports, facebook, twitter etc etc. 
     4  * Will need a config option for relevant API key e.g. ckan.sharethis.apikey 
    45 * Location: Put this at top of sidebar on dataset view (a better suggsetion?) 
     6 * Should show how many mentions / shares there are. (very important!) 
    6 Discuss (Tom and Ira and ...): do we really want this, versus e.g. proper follow extension? 
     8== Discussion == 
     10 * (Tom and Ira and ...): do we really want this, versus e.g. proper follow extension? 
     11 * What about bringing conversation back in to CKAN. E.g. show all times this dataset (i.e. its url) was mentioned on twitter. If we do this I think this should be definite +1. 
     12 * Also, given our users, I think just doing twitter (identica) may be sufficient (how many people want to share links to datasets on facebook?)