15:24 Ticket #80 (Refactor or remove modes code) created by rgrp
Get rid of modes in the RESTful API. Do json stuff directly in …
11:24 Ticket #79 (Improvements to package search) created by rgrp
Several things: * Default package search (used e.g. on front page) …
11:15 Ticket #78 (Extend login cookie lifetime) created by rgrp
When you login you get given a cookie but it is very short (life of your …
11:13 Ticket #77 (Rate packages) created by rgrp
= As a User or Visitor = I wish to rate a package in some way. On the …
11:10 Ticket #76 (Convert to use formalchemy for all forms) created by rgrp
Current form stuff is not very good (uses formencode). Switch to …
11:06 Ticket #75 (Record and display package "usage" information) created by rgrp
* Number of package page visits on ckan (can we get this straight from …
10:56 Ticket #74 (Add Is It Open links to package pages) created by rgrp
On each package page in the openness field if the package is not open …
10:37 Ticket #70 (Convert from py.test to nosetests) closed by dread
fixed: Done on checkins: 46d39c62396a and 44eb4f2c4822.


00:56 Ticket #73 (Put enquiry template in db so it can be edited by admins) created by rgrp
Currently stored in the python controller file. This is not the right …


23:00 Milestone v0.9 completed


09:42 Ticket #24 (View list of most recently registered or updated packages on front page) closed by rgrp
fixed: Associated to ticket:60 (front page usability improvements) Fixed in …
09:37 Ticket #72 (Integrate new logo) created by rgrp
Integrate new logo from http://wiki.okfn.org/ckan/logo into site: * In …
08:38 Ticket #69 (Change to text-only license field and use external license repo) closed by rgrp
fixed: Not sure how useful/important moving to text-only is so will defer this …
07:57 Ticket #71 (Upgrade to Pylons 0.9.7) created by rgrp
Cost: 2h
07:55 Ticket #60 (Front page usability improvements) closed by rgrp
fixed: 1. is ticket:24 and 2+3 have been done in r258:5b1f4efd09c3, …
07:52 Ticket #70 (Convert from py.test to nosetests) created by rgrp
Cost: 1h
07:49 Ticket #65 (Add version attribute to package) closed by rgrp
fixed: Done in r254:fa2ef73afb40.


18:24 Ticket #64 (Switch to repoze.who for authentication) closed by rgrp
fixed: Fixed in r269:4a2febc4f1eb.


19:05 Ticket #68 (Show affected packages in revision list view) closed by rgrp
fixed: Fixed in r7ffc8288cb88 and rc6ac0a80ba11.
16:17 Ticket #69 (Change to text-only license field and use external license repo) created by rgrp
Switch from license domain object to a simple license field and use …
07:35 Ticket #68 (Show affected packages in revision list view) created by rgrp
When listing revisions (at /revision/ or in atom feed) show affected …
07:33 Ticket #63 (Purge is broken after upgrade of vdm) closed by rgrp
fixed: Fixed in r63c48818395f
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