17:19 Ticket #214 (UI Review - General template) closed by nickstenning
fixed: Hover names haven't been addressed yet. Otherwise mostly done. Closing.
17:04 Ticket #234 (UI Review - Autocomplete package names & tags in search) created by rgrp
Broken out from ticket:216
16:52 Ticket #218 (UI Review - Package listing) closed by nickstenning
fixed: Mostly done. Alphanumeric filtering à la KForge is probably still worth …
16:51 Ticket #217 (UI Review - Search results) closed by nickstenning
fixed: Mostly done.
01:26 Ticket #233 (Allow simple site-specific customization/overriding of templates) created by rgrp
Options: 1. Allow for specification of genshi template paths to search in …


18:28 Ticket #232 (Add strapline to CKAN logo) created by rgrp
Strapline (?): Sharing, discovery and reuse of data and content Need to …


08:45 Ticket #231 (Make group versioned) created by rgrp
Make group object revisioned/versioned. * Involves upgrade script both …


17:44 Ticket #229 (Resource hashes) closed by dread
fixed: Done mainly in cset:dcde72b325d8 plus migrate script in cset:3905a1c08d01 …
14:28 Ticket #230 (Refactor 'package preview' to use 'package read') created by dread
* Requires Package Read to not use the side-bar * Need to sync params to …


10:11 Ticket #229 (Resource hashes) created by dread
New field for resources - hash of the resource file. * CKAN itself will …


12:03 Ticket #156 (Whitelist for html in mark-down field) reopened by dread
11:53 Ticket #204 (Custom package input form) closed by dread
fixed: Basically done in changesets particularly: cset:06b1232321d7 …


13:00 WikiStart edited by rgrp
links to related (diff)


11:22 Ticket #228 (Deal with duplicate packages) created by rgrp
This needs to be thought out …


16:37 Ticket #208 (Obfuscate author email and maintainer email field) closed by dread
fixed: Email addresses now URL-encoded in the package/read/id HTML. Done in …
12:43 Ticket #160 (Implement internal links in CKAN notes markup) closed by dread
fixed: Done in 1h in cset:9c3e64104cbf. Not allowing space - non-standard.
12:42 Ticket #156 (Whitelist for html in mark-down field) closed by dread
fixed: Sorted display of <links> by converting them to markdown format [links] …


12:45 Ticket #206 (UI review) closed by dread
fixed: Done in wiki:UiReviewNotes and ticket:214 - ticket:227
12:37 UiReviewNotes edited by dread
12:35 Ticket #227 (UI Review - General checks) created by dread
* There is huge inconsistency in the titles of pages across the site: to …
12:35 Ticket #226 (UI Review - History) created by dread
Repository History revision * What is this page called? "Recent …
12:34 Ticket #225 (UI Review - swap URL order) created by dread
Not so keen on URLS such as /package/edit/mypackagename. These seem to be …
12:32 Ticket #224 (UI Review - Groups) created by dread
Groups landing page group * Yeesh! What's up with the typography for …
12:31 Ticket #223 (UI Review - Tag) created by dread
Tags landing page tag * Both search for tags *and* browse the list of …
12:29 Ticket #222 (UI Review - Package history) created by dread
Package history page package/history/mypackagename * "Revisions" is …
12:29 Ticket #221 (UI Review - Package edit) created by dread
Package edit page package/edit/mypackagename * Ability to add the …
12:28 Ticket #220 (UI Review - Package read) created by dread
Package page package/mypackagename * Design * In general: a huge …
12:25 Ticket #219 (UI Review - Package) created by dread
* Propose three-column package listing: two lists of highest-scorers on …
12:25 Ticket #218 (UI Review - Package listing) created by dread
* openness/downloadability ticks/crosses are totally inscrutable to …
12:24 Ticket #217 (UI Review - Search results) created by dread
Package search results page package/search * need clearer …
12:23 Ticket #216 (UI Review - Search) created by dread
* allow clicking on 'only openly licensed'/'only downloadable' to …
12:22 Ticket #215 (UI Review - Home page) created by dread
* 'Login via OpenID' -> 'Login with OpenID'? * Elements: * Search …
12:19 Ticket #214 (UI Review - General template) created by dread
* Set hover names on navigation links. * Do we really need to display …
12:18 WikiStart edited by mk270
09:57 UiReviewNotes created by dread
Moved from UIReviewNotes
09:56 WikiStart edited by dread
UIReviewNotes (diff)


17:28 Ticket #213 (Automate CKAN deployment) created by dread
fabric script to automate ckan deployment


13:17 WikiStart edited by rgrp
11:32 Ticket #212 (Switch to using m.okfn.org "kforge" media (css and behaviour)) closed by rgrp
fixed: Done in cset:3b68a54bd2b0
11:28 Ticket #212 (Switch to using m.okfn.org "kforge" media (css and behaviour)) created by rgrp
We are already using standard kforge css though copied locally and with a …


14:45 Ticket #194 (Check star ratings aren't influenced by search engine crawlers) closed by dread
fixed: Judging by the logs, a great number of bots are hitting the star ratings. …
14:42 Ticket #203 (show package counts for groups in WUI) closed by dread
fixed: The list of groups was already done. The group view is now done in …
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