18:03 Ticket #370 (Use better email encryption for author_email and maintainer_email) created by shudson@…
The JavaScript? email encryption used is not very reassuring. Google's …
18:00 Ticket #369 ("Package Listing Key" should appear on Tag results) created by shudson@…
Currently there's a nice legend titled "Package Listing Key" that appears …


10:41 Ticket #368 (500 Server error when creating package) created by anonymous
I've just started writing the importer from cap.open.org.nz and was …


13:37 Ticket #336 (Resource Search API) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:e719f449bc74
12:09 Ticket #336 (Resource Search API) reopened by Donny


18:08 Ticket #367 (Notfication monitor) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:79200de013e1 Cost: 1h
18:01 Ticket #367 (Notfication monitor) created by dread
Runs on the commandline and prints out notifications.
17:22 Ticket #337 (Download links for resources should open in new window) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:f5cc13ade0e8 Cost: 30m
17:17 Ticket #365 (ResourceNotifications) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:c11738dcb1ba Cost: 1d
17:15 Ticket #310 (Commit message box looks wrong in edit page since edit style overhaul) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in cset:a0acf179355c Cost: 2h
15:05 Ticket #263 (Improve and test openid login) closed by rgrp
fixed: JB advised permanently remove ckan.net cookies (may be left over from much …
13:14 Ticket #317 (Make search pluggable) closed by pudo
fixed: should be done after refactoring the search functions.


21:51 Ticket #350 (Search engine optimisation) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:b9b82e7ae078 Cost 9 hours, including: alphabetical pager, …
11:17 Ticket #227 (UI Review - General checks) closed by dread
fixed: Page titles sorted in cset:2324447eb60f (related to ticket:350) Cost: 1.5h


17:59 Ticket #226 (UI Review - History) closed by dread
fixed: Remaining items done in cset:7c63c10f5681. Took: 1h
17:20 Ticket #366 (A flash message says why you are redirected to the 'user login' page) created by dread
You get redirected for a number of different reasons - often confuses me …
11:13 Ticket #320 (site_title configuration variable which is used in template) closed by dread
fixed: site_title added in cset:b4c0e0a5630d site_logo is changeable in one …


16:10 Ticket #365 (ResourceNotifications) created by dread
If you change a resource then you not only get a PackageNotification?, but …


15:47 Ticket #364 (Search for 'statistic' returns nothing) created by dread
On ckan.net there are plenty of packages (and indeed their tags) with the …
15:16 Ticket #363 (Blank revisions) created by dread
Occasionally we seem to get revisions that are not connected to packages. …
10:50 Ticket #356 (Search box in at top of page (UI)) closed by rgrp
fixed: Done in cset:a1af5f8fe59e. Have not done advanced search link normal …
09:04 Ticket #362 (Ratings should not be created with a GET) created by dread
== Background == In the Web UI, when you rate a package it simply links …


18:27 Ticket #336 (Resource Search API) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:742adebb707c and cset:1748e6554e77.


14:39 Ticket #325 (Event push notification) closed by dread
fixed: Both sending and received tickets closed.
14:38 Ticket #324 (Search indexing using notifications) closed by dread
fixed: Done in changesets leading up to cset:ca565562129d.
08:47 Ticket #323 (Notification message) closed by dread
08:42 Ticket #273 (Investigate search index options and create tickets) closed by dread
fixed: rgrp: We plan to use SOLR. May investigate Xapian. Nothing more to do in …


12:45 Ticket #339 (Remove download_url from package data format in API Version 2, but ...) closed by johnbywater
10:27 Ticket #343 (Packages referred by ID in API) closed by johnbywater


14:08 Ticket #348 (The system shall accept package edit form submissions in an API) closed by anonymous
14:07 Ticket #347 (The system shall present the package edit form in an API) closed by anonymous
09:21 Ticket #361 (Allow specification of the default index in configuration) created by rgrp
09:19 Ticket #360 (New sqlite-based DB index) created by rgrp
In 0.5 and 0.6 have been more oriented to getting file indexes working to …


18:44 Ticket #359 (Create Storage with pluggable extensions) created by rgrp
Storage represents something you can upload to (download is done in …
11:00 Ticket #322 (Client interface for Notification Service) closed by dread
fixed: Done but not pushed. Took 3.5 days.
09:26 Ticket #263 (Improve and test openid login) reopened by rgrp
I consistently get sent to google login even though I choose openid …


16:28 Ticket #358 (Resources in REST API) created by dread
(spun out of ticket:336) Resource added to model API at: …
16:23 Ticket #341 (Web UI accepts package IDs in URLs) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:c7a9ba55db0d on metastable and merged to default.
14:55 Ticket #344 (REST Create package with incorrect format gives 500 error) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:13737a7ba4d9
10:24 Ticket #357 (Fix API documentation, to correct misleading HTTP_AUTHORIZATION statement.) closed by johnbywater
fixed: Fixed in 79c426c0acb6.
09:58 Ticket #357 (Fix API documentation, to correct misleading HTTP_AUTHORIZATION statement.) created by johnbywater
Sean Burlington wrote: > I recently came across a documentation issue > > …


19:36 Ticket #356 (Search box in at top of page (UI)) created by rgrp
A small but useful ui improvement would be to have a search box at top …
15:53 Ticket #355 (Dashes versus underscores in package names) created by rgrp
Sort out how we deal with dashes versus underscores in package names.
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