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CKAN has a fully-featured Application Programming Interface (API).

The API takes the form of a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) style API for accessing CKAN database objects and a Search API.

For full details of accessing the API, see the CKAN developer documentation at

API Clients

PHP client

Ckan_client-PHP is an almost full and (I hope) easy-to-use interface to the CKAN APIs.

This example uses CKAN's search API and lists and reads Packages/Groups? with the REST API.

Perl client example

This example accesses the CKAN REST API to get a list of the packages, count the uses of an 'extra' field and then plots it with the Google chart API. Luke broke the CKAN bits out into a CKAN specific client library - Net::CKAN. Luke is open to improving this library and eventually releasing it to CPAN.

Python client

Ckanclient is a python module that provides an full and easy-to-use interface to the CKAN APIs.

Command-line client

Datapkg allows you to download the data in CKAN packages on the command-line, in the style of software package managers (e.g. apt-get, cpan, pypi).

Other Code related to CKAN

Drupal module

Simple module:

Advanced module: