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CKAN is open source and contributions are welcome. However, we have some guidelines for check-ins to ensure that all developers can work well together.


  1. Work on the right branch - see BranchingPolicy.
  2. Write tests for all changes. Unit tests go into ckan/tests/{area}/ and functional tests go into ckan/tests/functional/ . Tests describe intent and stop the code regressing in the future.
  3. Run all the tests before you commit your code. It only takes 5 minutes! nosetests --ckan ckan/tests

Starting out

  • Before you can commit changes to the OKF repo, you'll need access rights - ask for these on ckan-dev?.

Life-cycle of a change

Unless it is a terribly minor change:

  • Create a ticket with your suggestion and design detail as necessary.
  • Send a link to the ticket to ckan-discuss and ask for suggestions.
  • Do it, whilst leaving the repo in a good state at all times (i.e. builds and works). Use another branch or bitbucket if necessary.
  • When done, close the ticket and announce it on ckan-discuss.

Don't break the build

  • Keep an eye on buildbot to make sure you don't break the build. If you're a regular developer, ask to be added to the buildbot emails. Don't wait to be nagged by other frustrated developers ;-)
  • If you break the build, please fix it quickly. If it may take time then email ckan-dev? to let others know what the plan is.