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CKAN Extensions

The CKAN codebase is open source so that different organisations can customise it for their own needs. As CKAN has grown in popularity it has become especially important to organise the code in a way that can accommodate the customisations which different organisations require without those changes interfering with customizations required by other organisations.

To meet this need we have introduced the concepts of CKAN extensions, plugin interfaces and workers. These work together to provide a simple mechanism to extend core CKAN functionality. Full documentation of these features for developers can be found here:

If you create a new extension, please document it here. Implementations of plugin interfaces should be documented separately on the Plugins? page.

Disqus Comments

Lets users add comments to packages. Can also display latest comments on the CKAN front page.

Form API Tester

This provides a controller linked to the CKAN Form API, for manually testing purposes. Not for production use.

Data API

Provides API for getting raw data from CKAN resources


Currently supported resources: XLS, CSV. For more information and for list of available PARAMETERS, please refer to the dataproxy documentation