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Discussion of resources referred to in package meta data (currently Download URL)

On CKAN a Package just has metadata and doesn't store the resource (payload) (CKAN is just a registry). The CKAN metadata has a pointer, the download URL to find the associated resources.

Two sorts of resource links:

  1. Manifest

A set of filenames with accompanying description.
e.g. [('!UkBirths1998.xls', '1998 data'), ('!UkBirths1999.xls', '1999 data')]

  1. Distributions

Each distribution is a serialisation / representation of the full Package - metadata + payload. (Or sometimes just the payload).
e.g. which contains the two excel files
But it also includes cases where we have:

  • (restful api to the same data)
  • (WUI to the same data)

Different representations of the same material - how do we deal with this? Options:

  1. each distribution has its own CKAN package.
  2. a CKAN package can refer to multiple distributions.

package.distributions ?