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About Releases

The OKF aims to make releases CKAN regularly - minor points every two months. Find releases at: PyPI. See the changes at on the Changelog.

Doing a CKAN release

  1. Test the code satisfactorily.
  2. Summarise the tickets going in this release in the ckan/doc/CHANGELOG.rst
  3. Compile the docs:
    $ python build_sphinx
  4. Upload docs to knowledgeforge.
  5. Change the version number in ckan/
  6. Tag the repo with the version number (commits change). e.g.
    $ hg tag ckan-1.1 -m 'Release 1.1'
    $ hg push
  7. Upload the release to PyPI:
    python sdist upload
  8. Bring metastable branch in line with default:
    $ hg -C metastable
    $ hg merge -r ckan-1.1
    $ hg ci -m '[merge] from release 1.1'
    $ hg push

If there have been any unreleased changes to vdm, make sure you release that too.