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Make into a page containing only for API users only (Future development and original proposal info has been moved to separate page and some refactoring)




e.g. to get a list of all packages on CKAN visit:

Data Formats

Request HTTP Parameters
Response JSON

POST Method Params

Create POST

Name Value
name lower case alphanumeric string, optionally with dashes and underscores, string length at least 2 characters

Update POST

Name Value
name established name string (can't be updated)
title string
url string
download_url string
licences list of license ids
tags space-separated list of tag strings
notes multi-line string
log_message string


Action Methods
list GET
create POST
update POST
read GET

Status Codes

Action-Method Success Exception
list GET 200 400 Invalid Request, 404 Not Found
create POST 200 400 Invalid Request, 409 Conflict
update POST 200 400 Invalid Request
read GET 200 404 Not Found