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Added documentation of POST method params


Design Questions

  • What are the URIs?
  • What's the format?
  • What methods are supported at each URI?
  • What status codes could be returned?



Data Formats

Request HTTP Parameters
Response JSON


Action Methods
list/ GET
create/ POST
update/ POST
read/ GET

Status Codes

Action-Method Success Exception
list/ GET 200 400 Invalid Request, 404 Not Found
create/ POST 200 400 Invalid Request, 409 Conflict
update/ POST 200 400 Invalid Request
read/ GET 200 404 Not Found

POST Method Params

Create POST

Name Value
name lower case alphanumeric string, optionally with dashes and underscores, string length at least 2 characters

Update POST

Name Value
name established name string (can't be updated)
title string
url string
download_url string
licences list of license ids
tags space-separated list of tag strings
notes multi-line string
log_message string

Current Development Issues

  • How does a machine client acquire and select from the package license options?
  • Can the above POST parameter data types be specified more formally?